Long Term: the Greater Vision

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Not just a home… also a launch pad

Free Will Haven was always intended in the original vision to be much more than a badly needed safe and secure hospice/retreat, short or long term, for stalking victims, targeted persons, and sufferers of hyper-electrosensitivity.  There are several other goals which it can easily accommodate if the right property and funding is achieved. In fact, some of them actually generate funding. All of them serve the cause and best interests of residents, and even non residents of like circumstances, as they. Here is a brief run down of things planned.


A covert SWAT team of trained and lawfully apt professional investigators armed with high-tech (and costly) TSCM gear (Technical Security Countermeasures). TSCM is an important part of the security of Free Will Haven, itself… to help defend against any insurgent RF/EMF signals which might threaten residents. Founder H. Michael Sweeney already has a very capable TSCM equipment set, along with other tools for enhancing security and privacy suitable for early FWH needs. But imagine a van full of top-notch gear and a staff able to quietly slip into any city and covertly investigate, detect, monitor and document any illegal or malfunctioning RF/EMF sources in excess of allowable limits, as well as who is associated with them, and who suffers as result. Such a team would well able to give useful testimony to authorities or in court.

It would be an expensive proposition to field, initially, as good TSCM gear alone could easily cost $1M, if to have no limitations as to what it could detect and log. To dispatch a team of experts with a van to a remote location would have its own significant price tag. A complete TSCM scan can easily cost $50K per site cleared, and associated private investigations of suspect parties which might result could cost similar sums for each party investigated. A complete security check for a single incident might involve multiple sites (i.e., home, work, school), and investigations of multiple persons, firms, or organizations.

But, the good news is, any legal aftermath in court which might result could more than cover those costs. Enough of such judgment awards would come back to FWS to fund additional adventures, the rest rightfully going to victims. More than that, imagine the shattering headlines which would quickly educate the World about the reality of such targeting, and their horrors. They would represent remarkable events capable of shaking the foundations everywhere, from the nation’s Capitol and law enforcement to the medical and psychiatric communities, and more… with World-wide impact.

Just a sub sector of concern; RF/EMF smog from cellular and wi fi systems (esp. 5G), and smart meters, could result in class action lawsuits worth hundreds of millions of dollars. That would be enough to open new Free Will Haven counterparts all over the country… even the World. For that to work, the SWAT team would need to be dispatched to a community only when there were multiple sufferers in the same area, in order to build a useful class action scenario, and to give relief to the greatest number of people. The good news is that, the greater plan also includes a means to fund this goal, as described further down the page.

Centralized service center

Key to self sufficiency and low cost of living in a tiny home and RV lifestyle would be centralized services. It is very common in community living situations to have at least one building dedicated to such services. There, one might find a laundry, library, swimming pool, sauna, exercise room, a meeting room, or even a small store, and some form of limited medical/health care support. That all makes a good deal of sense, when you consider that tiny living means space is at a premium, and travel expenses to town (targeted to be 30-40 minutes travel time, or less).

The FWS game plan calls for selecting a working farm or ranch type of property. That means it will have at least one home, and several outbuildings of various sorts, typically to include storage and workshops, if not barns, livestock facilities, etc. The home would be rendered into the primary central service center, and as many such services as can be provided, will, and more so, over time. That would ideally include a small store. But one more thing, as well…

An Educational Center

Imagine the meeting area becoming a classroom or presentation stage for seminars and training functions. Not just for residents, but anyone willing to travel for the purpose of learning defensive and offensive tactics against stalkers, etc. Most properties thus far considered by FWS as FWH possible locations feature multiple bedrooms… as many as 9. Some offer bunkhouses which alone could handle as many. Therefore, the Educational Center could also act as a hotel. Again, this is a revenue source, not just for the room and board, but from event attendance receipts, as well. And, of course, it doubles as a ‘town hall’ and meeting room for residents use, as needed.

H. Michael Sweeney was previously the only person known anywhere in the World who regularly made himself available to get involved in and to aid targeted persons across the board. While there are people who specialize in this or that area of expertise within the greater targeting picture, he was the only one seemingly able to address the full spectrum. Now that he is retired, he would hope to use such a center to ‘clone himself’ by teaching others how to offer such helps. This would be especially valuable if they were from other countries, as such problems are a World-wide problem.

Central resources as a layer of protection

To help reduce the RF/EMF smog and signal levels, residents should expect some subtle differences in life style which may, at first, seem imposing, but need not be. FWH would discourage individual use of Internet and cellular services at the site. Cell phones can be owned, but they would be stored in a central location for access, as needed. Stalking victims and hyper-electrosensitivity sufferers should likely not be entertaining the notion of a lot of phone conversations with persons outside of FWH on a daily basis; it weakens personal security and wellbeing. Someone can monitor phones for incoming calls and to keep them charged, and notify the owner if a call came in. Phones can be checked out for trips into town, or other events.

Likewise, residents should not employ web access via wi-fi routers, and would be discouraged from using computers in their homes, at all. That is both as a security/wellbeing issue, and a cost savings issue. As reminder, all such systems are frequently used as targeting gateways by stalkers. Therefore, a centralized computing area with shielded computers and a hard-wired (not wi fi) network would be made available, along with some public-use computers, and connection ports for your own laptops. Likewise for a gaming systems. In addition, the property we select will be large enough to support multiple living areas, such that hyper-electrosensitivity sufferers can be well away from others, and from such electronics. We would intend to experiment with various low wattage low-band walkie talkies and wired loudspeaker systems to facilitate site-wide communications without sacrificing RF/EMF protections.

Cottage industry

Many persons who might like to become a resident at FWH do not have the luxury of an income to cover the cost of living unless they can also hold down a job, somewhere. Not a great idea for stalking victims, or when a commute is at some distance. While it is foreseen that there may actually be some employment opportunities at FWH which would cover the low cost of residency (H. Michael Sweeney is living well on $600 a month, and that figure could be reduced with centralized services), there would still be persons in need who could not so participate. And, the Society feels that every resident should not simply be living within their means, but SAVING money for emergencies and for enjoying life… actual exercise of their new found Free Will life style.

Therefore, one use of the central facilities will be to encourage and support cottage industry… things residents can do working from their homes and/or central facilities to earn extra income… even superlative income, under the right circumstances. That would include organized cooperative ventures on behalf of FWH, itself; products or services which can be marketed locally… which may additionally include individual residents’ products and services, as well.

One such cottage industry planned, if actualized, would actually be ‘big business,’ one capable of generating millions in revenue, and would be set up in such a way that it could literally pay residents entire cost to relocate and stay at FWS, and an income, as well, should they elect to participate. That will be discussed further in the Members only section of this site, and is password protected.


Residents may certainly choose to bring or locally acquire a personal vehicle. However, to help reduce costs, we envision having a number of vehicles available for shopping trips, and local use at the site, which will be quite large in acreage and laced with trails and paths to explore, or to link areas of use. Think of FWH as a ‘company’ with company vehicles for ‘staff’ use; electric bikes which can also be peddled, all-terrain vehicles for recreation and ‘working the farm,’ a small multi-passenger bus or van, a couple of cars, a pickup truck or jeep with 4WD for snow/mud issues and other emergencies, a flat bed truck  — would represent the ideal. Perhaps even a pumper water truck for quicker fire fighting response.

The cottage industry idea discussed in the Member area would fund all of that, and perhaps even a boat… as many sites are located near or on lakes an rivers, or have their own private lakes, usually stocked with sports fish, some with docks or boats, ready to go. The tool shed should be well stocked with hand and power tools, all the way up to a farm tractor with multiple implements, often included with the purchase of the property. Many properties being considered have harvestable timber we could log, ourselves, and there are now small-scale sawmill systems which could allow us to make our own wood products for construction of tiny homes.

The sky is the limit… though tied to funding limitations. Your membership, and your donation now, today, will help make us seem more viable and attractive to those able to fund that Member Area cottage industry idea, and make FWH the ultimate solution to stalking, etc. They will judge our viability by the number of Members we have, and the sum of money we are able to raise on our own.

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