Financial Aid for Residency?

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Update: March 2020  A new option to help finance Member involvement is being explored, one which provides Members with a lucrative self-employed income opportunity. Click here to learn more.

Intended to be affordable, but free would be even better!

The entire intent of the Free Will Haven project, other than the safe and secure part, is to be affordable… down right cheap in terms of cost of living. That’s where the self-sufficient aspect comes into play, as well, trying to find ways to reduce utilities and food costs, and provide offsetting income streams, such as with cottage industry — where individuals can provide an income for themselves without having to go find a job and hope their stalking does not follow them, there. Cottage Industry can also apply to the entire collective, such as (but not limited to) selling of excess crops raised. That also lowers costs for everyone.

The other big reduction in cost of living is, of course, reliance upon tiny homes or RV lifestyles. Instead of $300K or more for an actual home and additional costs to furnish and upkeep, one could spend perhaps as littles as $10K for a used motor home or similar, and the cost of building a tiny home is not that much different at the low end of the spectrum.  Like all such things, one could easily spend more, and by and large, get what they paid for. But many stalking victims find even those costs extreme.

The really big reduction, however, is the cost of ‘rent.’ As a non profit cooperative of sorts, sharing overhead expenses should allow the out of pocket to remain in the range of $250 a month, or less, for the resident’s share. If you add $200 a month for food (one person) and say, $100 a month for utilities (average electricity should be a little below that except in winter, when it should be a little above)… you are looking at a final cost of living of less than $600 a month, or less, depending on if buying all your food at the store, or participating in sharing of food grown (or shot, fished) on site. And we will likely have access to good fishing and hunting for those who have a mind.

iu-1.jpegStill, this can all be a financial hurdle for many stalking victims. And even if not, it is wise to have a savings account that grows to cover emergencies, and for simply doing things which make life fun, again. Targeting can often include dirty tricks to sabotage incomes and cause unexpected expenses, and so, few stalking victims have any savings to start with. Such tricks can include sabotage of one’s employment, or result in significant risks to the notion of considering to apply for and hold a job, ongoing. Finally, not every stalking victim has a reliable fixed income they could take with them if relocating to Free Will Haven. Not to worry…


Financial help is in works

There is a plan in works which would allow Members of the Free Will Society who wanted to become residents, but who did not have sufficient funds or credit power to leverage their way into residency, and for the matter, may worry about meeting even $600 a month in obligations — to get very useful help. Details of the plan are not for public consumption until third-party investors have had their say, at which time, specifics will also be known. It will certainly be on a first-come, first-served basis, so earliest Membership and residency application will be important, if to assure eligibility to apply for participation in this program.

What is expected, is that approved applicants could expect significant financial help to offset the initial cost of relocation and securing of a living space (tiny home or RV), PLUS a monthly stipend in EXCESS of $600 a month for a period of time to be determined. That means an income level capable of building a savings, and that is in addition to any other income the resident may have, including cottage industry. The program will require some level of stakeholder participation or effort in assuring the success of the Free Will Haven project, but could not be described as ‘work’ or employment, and would be both minimal and somewhat random in nature. Most would describe it as fun, or at the very least, interesting activity.

The length of such stakeholder participation is, to some extent, something which could be short term, or longer, at the mutual agreement between the resident and the investor’s group in well-defined terms well before the resident decides to participate, or not; an offer is made, and negotiations may be possible. The length of such participation would be the same as the length of time that the stipend payments would continue. This period could be as short as a few months, to several years, potentially. At the end of the resident’s participation, the stipend would cease, and the living space would then remain yours to keep, sell, or rent, as you wished.

It is wise to offer a disclaimer: the above description is based on expectations which may or may not bear out in any final factual detail. What is known, however, is that applicants will have that upfront opportunity to make a case for a better outcome, than a lesser one.


A 2nd way: anyone can can sponsor a victim

In addition to the above program, the Free Will Society will encourage charitable donations on a sponsor subscription basis. If anyone would care to make a monthly PayPal donation of $20 or more, it can be earmarked for sponsoring a financially limited resident, one who either chooses not to participate in the above described program, or who was unable to qualify, credited to such an individual based on the greatest need.  No more than $500 a month will be allowed to an individual under this program, so a sponsorship sum greater than that amount will be divided accordingly, to help as many persons as possible. Sponsors will receive letters on a regular basis from those they help in this way.

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