A Day in One’s Life at FWH

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The obvious question

More than anything else, perhaps, this post can be described as a Free Will Society treatise on the subject of Free Will, and what life is like when one is not living in dread that stalking or other targeting is going to take place, or dealing with the pain of high levels of RF/EMF energy assaulting the body. In like manner, the cares of modern society and the obligations of such existence are also largely swept away. This leaves one very simple, but extremely important unanswered question: what will you do, instead, with your time; what will life be like, then? Let’s answer that!

Life does go on… but it is vastly different in almost every way, thankfully.


Click to visit Inhabitat.com, a remarkable collection of material on lifestyles.

But this post is specifically intended to relate the intended style of life at Free Will Haven, once fully established in the ideal form. It offers a glimpse into the tiny home/RV lifestyle one can reasonably expect as a resident at FWH (image: inhabitat.com). It is based on the assumption that we achieve enough Members and donations to illustrate to investors that we ‘have a stakeholder position invested in our own future, one worthy of investors additionally risking several million dollars of their own.’ Cash of this sort is critical, because neither the Free Will Society nor any TI member is going to be able to go to a bank for a mortgage; we will need purchase outright. Therefore, the term Stakeholder is extremely important:

stakeholdersA Stakeholder is someone who has a vested interest in (something) succeeding based on an investment in dollars… and/or in sweat equity (time and energy)… and illustrates thereby a strong intention to carry through in order to protect their personal investment, regardless of its form. For the Free Will Society, in the eyes of investors, that translates to perhaps 100 Members or more (not all necessarily intending residency — supportive Members are equally important — a Member does not even need to be a stalking victim.) It also means that we achieve several thousands of dollars in contributions of our own funds to illustrate clear intentions as proactive ‘stakeholders’ in our own future.

This is absolutely as it should be; we cannot expect something for nothing. Who would give a bum $1000 or more without assurances it would be used to better their circumstances… far more likely if they could show they had been saving towards that end, themselves, and had a few hundred set aside of their own, a little each month.

It is also presented in the assumption that such investment and availability of excellent for-sale properties conspire with serendipity to allow selection of a ‘perfect property’ rich with key features. Each week, this writer personally reviews several dozens of new listings looking for just that. There seems to be a remarkable variety of really excellent properties, many of which offer a Chinese Menu of features and benefits which render them ‘perfect’ in terms of privacy, security, and lending themselves usefully to an intentional community’s needs, generally defined by this writing. One must look with a ‘vision’ which foresees possible improvements to enhance even further.

This all has to fit into a budget, of course, yet to be determined based on the precise property selected from among those available at the time… a budget which must address not just the purchase price, but also, needed improvements and remodeling for the purpose. This writing is a dream shopping list of such features as may result, and it is quite likely that between budget and offerings, there will be some compromises. Still… over time, compromises can be overcome with additional funding and joint effort. For this cause, the general purchase price range being considered is .5 to $1.5M, give or take. The less the property costs, the more money there will remain for improvements.

The story here also includes the unrealistic circumstance where the ‘you’ in the story does or at least considers to do virtually everything in one day which could possibly be done, whereas many things illustrated would not be done ‘every day,’ and would be tied to evolving circumstances, needs, and certainly, Free Will election. It will therefore also show alternatives, because the variety of key features found in various tiny home and RV designs, as well as the financial, age, and health variances between individuals, will differ significantly — not to mention the wide variety in interests, skill sets, and experiential backgrounds.

Some residences might have full kitchens and bathrooms, others will not, for instance. Regardless, we will describe such as your “home” in the narrative. Some residents might be very active, and others not, due to health, handicaps, or simple choice. And, obviously, the order of daily events can vary greatly in real life; this is an arbitrary fictional construct of just one such possibility, with no importance in event order intended. After all, Free Will is about CHOICE, above all else.

Note: all images herein are from the Web, and do not represent a particular site and do not, we must hope, depict stalking victims.


Your eyes open to the light of another new day…

You wake from the night’s sleep and realize it is yet another day where you could have slept in because you had no duties or time schedule to worry about… no job to be late for, no appointment to keep, and nothing urgent to trouble you. The day is yours, alone, to live as you wish. But you do have things you want to do, and so you stand, yawn, stretch, and start making plans in your mind as to the first things you might like to accomplish.


You’re early. Come back in an hour!

You do your morning business, either using your own facilities, or one of the several public bathrooms in the main house, now the Community Center (CC), some with bathtubs or showers, or both. You decide if you want to fix your own breakfast in your home, are take part in a community breakfast being offered at the CC. Each day, volunteers prepare one of the three community meals with a hot-line self-serve. All you need to do is to pay the assessed costs. The volunteers, of course, get to eat free not just the meal they prepared, but all meals for the day.

Before leaving the CC, you go to the Day Desk to check the daily event schedule to see if there is anything special going on that interests you, or if there are changes to scheduled events you were planning on being participant. You note with satisfaction that the evening’s Seminar being held in the CC’s Meeting Room is yet another the continuing educational series on privacy and security matters, and it reminds you that your Sister was coming to visit and to stay the night so she could also attend, with you.

So while at the Desk, you ask to make a phone call to confirm with your Sister that she is coming, and intending to stay. If she is, you may want to confirm with the Desk that one of the several private bedrooms, or a bunk in the women’s Bunk Room is still reserved… unless, of course, she was going to stay with you. The Day Desk offers a land line, but also maintains resident cell phones for those residents who are hyper-electro sensitive. Residents can check them out when needed, check for messages, and so forth.


Be sure to wait after eating before you swim!

You also review the weather report for today and tomorrow, and look at tomorrow’s schedule to mentally plan the day’s activities in which you and your Sister might partake. You take note that the swimming pool and sauna are not only open, but that there is in fact a Pool Party being held into the night, there. That sounds good, so you sign up and buy two tickets to cover the costs of snacks and drinks involved.

train-the-train-john-frankenheimer-1964-L-zxBZdSYou also note that the film to be shown in the Entertainment Room that night, with college-style film study lecture, is Director John Frankenheimer’s 1964 classic WWII action film, The Train, staring Burt Lancaster… and you remember he was one of your Sister’s favorite actors from the prior Century. No worry, the pool party tickets are good for any such party, should Sis decide she would rather watch the film… though you could squeeze both in, if you left the party a bit early.

While at the Desk, you also check the Work Detail Roster to see if there is anything you would like to do, today, that you have not already signed up for, earlier. There are several things on the list, mostly things you would not be interested in doing or know how to do… though you keep promising yourself you would expand your skill sets by volunteering for the free training the effort represents. You do see that there is another new Tiny Home under construction and the home’s future resident is asking for volunteers with ‘hammer-and-nail’ or better skills, and since you knew the owner from online connections, you decide you will check it out, and perhaps join in, if it looks fun and more help can be used. You can at least wish them well.

Knowing you would be visiting the Desk, you had brought and now return the book you had borrowed from the Library, stocked with all the books contributed by all residents. The attendant thanks you and asks how you liked it, and after a dialog about the religious aspects of the story line, asks you if you will be attending the Bible Study class next Sunday, and its attendant informal services. You tell her you will think about it, knowing there is always room for one more.


What? No Halo? It’s on the shelf!

You make your way to the rear exit to head for and check out the tiny home project, and pass the Media Room, noting that even this early in the day, there are people playing computer games or using the online access facilities. The game systems are set up for multiplayer games as well as single player, with all the popular systems and titles. Residents can bring their notebooks or use the systems already in place, at no charge… or they can choose to pay for their own utility services direct to their home, if that home is away from the hyper-electrosensitive homes, which have their own area somewhat isolated from all others. In that spirit, the Media Room is fully shielded.

As you leave the CC, you bump into the resident Medical Advisor, a retired RN, who asks after your prior complaint about muscle cramps, to see if you had gotten good results from advice to use the Exercise Room, as suggested, or if you had perhaps elected to make regular use of the properties many trails, instead. You confirm that you did both, and joked that you were feeling quite limber, once getting over a ‘sore butt from the Horse ride.’ This reminded you that your Sister might enjoy a tour of the many trails leading through the 100 Acre property, some offering remarkable views worthy of memorable picture taking.


Fat Tire bikes are easier to peddle in sand, soft dirt, leaves, gravel and pebbles, etc., and softer on the tush, doing it.

You would let her decide if she would rather take a mountain bike, an electric fat-tire bike, one of the ATV’s, a Horse ride, or simply to hike on foot. There were several miles of trails, some devoted to multiple use, some dedicated to select use, so that hikers need not worry about Horses or ATVs. Some were easy, some more adventurous. You could take one of the air horns to call for help in case you got lost or needed assistance… help just moments away, made easier by letting the Desk know your planned route along the well-marked trails. Personally, you like the bikes, because they tended not to scare away the wildlife, giving you a chance to avoid frightening off the wild game, varieties of birds, and other animals you liked to watch and photograph. Those, you would take with you to the monthly photography class for critiquing.


Most sites tend to have abundant wildlife, some have their own ‘fishing holes,’ or are near rivers and lakes which do.

That thought reminded you about the gun and archery range, and the hunting and fishing on the property. While you reasoned your Sister would not be interested in any of that, you had been promising yourself to learn to safely handle and shoot firearms with some skill… and to perhaps learn to fish. The stocked ‘lake,’ an oversized pond complete with dock and boat, looked like an appealing way to spend time ‘shopping’ for dinner. Perhaps today would be the day… an adventure to share with your Sister. But using one of the hunting blinds to shoot game, either with a gun or a sports bow just didn’t seem your cup of tea. But you had to admit that the meals served based on Venison or Catfish were treats you appreciated.


You can impact on your own as well as the community’s self-sustainability, save money, and enjoy doing it!

Continuing on, you walked past the path to the garden plots. Those nearest were the private plots, for those inclined to grow their own food, flowers, and other plants. You detoured, wanting to check on your Tomatoes, which should be ripe with first fruits any day, now. They were starting to turn, but not quite ready to pick, so you decided instead on just plucking a brazen weed start from its assault on your rich and carefully tended soil. Beyond lay the Community Plot, and there, someone was using the tractor to furrow another section of land to increase the community’s production capacity, because there was not only more residents of late interested in getting their produce from the Community instead of stores in town… but because the surplus was easy to wholesale. A portion of the profits went to the community, the bulk however being shared among those who helped grow the crops… as was the food produced, itself.


Nature’s lawn mowers and weed eaters.

In another plot of land, hay was being grown to feed the cows that produced milk, and grass for the Horses and Goats. Of course, the Cows and Goats provided milk and home-made butter and cheeses, as well. Between that and hunting and fishing right on the property, the cost of produce was significantly reduced, while providing extreme freshness and quality control. Still, one might prefer store bought; some people have simply gotten so used to canned and frozen that they just don’t seem to like ‘fresh.’

Continuing on your way, you wind down the path to where the new home is being built, and you see they have already laid the flooring down, and are just raising the first wall. It looks like there are plenty of helpers, so you simply gawk and play the roll of sidewalk superintendant for a while, chatting and joking with those toiling away, and loving it. Your friend, strangely, is not there. Asking, you learn that she had gone to the Community Store to buy a couple of six packs of cold drinks to pass around.


Is that a bus, or someone’s tiny home? Yes!

The Store is stocked with ‘emergency’ supplies of foodstuffs that one simply cannot do without on the spur of the moment, but which are not worth the trip into town, by themselves. These are marked up 5% over cost, so it is definitely cheaper in town, but less expensive than the gas and time to go to town. An older baby-sized school bus makes two weekly runs into town for more economical purchasing from a series of popular destination stores from the Dollar Store to Wallmart, and other locations. A car is also available for smaller shopping groups, but residents are free to use their own vehicle, as well, if inclined to own one. These vehicles are also pressed into service to take in first-run movies or other local events, such as Day Trips to nearby National Parks, Museums, County Fairs, and the like.

drone.jpegYou decide not to wait in the Sun, now high enough and warm enough that you wish you had thought to wear a hat. Looking up, to guage its position, you catch a glimpse of one of the security drones making its way from the CC where it had just been launched, to make another of the regular patrols of the property perimeter. Volunteers run the drones through several ‘paths’ determined to provide good coverage, both at tree top level, and through the trees below the branches to better see any interlopers. Any detected breach of security and an alarm is sounded, resulting in immediate confrontation and threats of arrest and prosecution.


How about best 2 out of three for a Soda?

You head back to home to escape the Sun, only to find your neighbor knocking on your door. A new friend, he wonders if you would like to join him at the Game Pit, an outdoor area shaded by tall trees most of the time, where there were various games to play; Horseshoes, Shuffleboard, Tetherball, Badminton, and so forth. There is also an open area suitable for team action sports. You advised him that indoor games… strategy board games, were more your speed, such as Chess, Go, or Monopoly. He complained he had never learned Chess, and so, you offer to teach him, but instead of heading for the Game Room at the CC, you invite him inside; you have your own set, and a nice one, at that.


Well, it won’t be the Grand Canyon!

After a few enjoyable hours, he retires having seen no hope of winning a game with you, resulting in apologies being traded. As he leaves, you notice the shadows outside indicate the Sun is nearing the right angle for that Cottage Industry hobby you had decided to give a try. Having an interest in oil painting, and not being half bad, you decided to try to paint scenic vistas you could sell at the local bazaar. You quickly gather up your paint kit and the canvas you had already started, and make your way to the Utility Shed to get one of the three-wheeled electric bikes with a cargo box. After loading it up, you take the trail to the highest point on the property which gives a great view of the (Lake? Valley? Mountains? All of the above?), and set up to finish the painting, now that the light is the same as it was, when you last painted.

You had already managed to sell two small pieces and one large one, earning nearly $400, almost enough to pay for a Month’s living at Free Will Haven. But you are setting all such money aside, thinking about buying materials for your own tiny home, so you can then rent your trailer to a new resident unable to afford to purchase one of their own… yet more income toward the day when you might choose to leave FWH under a new identity, and reengage with society at large somewhere else… perhaps even in another country.

The new identity might not be needed, but it sounded like a good way to insure stalkers did not accidentally reacquire you, and the Free Will Society was teaching how to do it safely, and legally. It was amazing what one could learn from the various seminars held at FWH. And if you changed your mind, well, it would be your prerogative… in which case a series of vacation travel plans seemed like a pretty good idea to save for, too.

You painted until the Sun got too low, and headed back, thinking one more day like that one, and the painting would be done. When returning the bike, the volunteer said he was glad to get it back… a group of three people wanted to go to the FWH preprepared camp site with tents and spend the night in Mother Nature, under the stars, and do all that “Marshmallows-on-a-stick-over a-campfire-with-scary-stories-and-camp-songs, stuff.” When you heard who was going, you wondered if you might go along.


What do you mean, you didn’t bring the wine?

It turned out that self-inviting was graciously accepted, and so, you grabbed your sleeping bag, it being advised there was room in the tent for another person. You had just enough time to fetch it, along with your guitar, and return to check out another bike for the night. One of the guys was bringing some frozen fish he had caught earlier that week, which would be ready to cook once they were thawed, by morning. Stars overhead, music and song in the air, toasted Marshmallows in the tummy, stories to tell, and fresh fried Trout in the morning… what more could one want?

Another day and night like that, we might hope.


Another what if question

The only thing missing in the above, is YOU. Frankly, people have been shuffling their feet about joining the Free Will Society, and especially, contributing towards it. Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the statistics which will show the investors we do indeed have that stakeholder position… they will walk. We may be too late to prevent them walking, in fact. However, that does not change too much.

There are indeed far less expensive properties available, sites which do not need a million dollars. True, at the reduced prices, we would do without the niceties like exercise rooms, a suite of vehicular solutions, swimming pools, and might have to do some remodeling or make improvements to the site, ourself. But that is still quite doable… as long as we have a site to start with.

The original gofundme was for a specific site which was a rare and ideal find for 6 or so people, all set in fact for RV occupancy at about that level, for about $140K. That opportunity is long gone, but for less than twice that number, there are many good sites for perhaps a dozen persons which can be rendered suitable with a bit of effort. So, even if the investors do end up walking, our own stakeholder position should in time prove adequate to move forward, regardless. And, in time, we can add those missing things, one item at a time.


The only thing missing in this picture, is YOU.

The faster you elect to join and donate, the more likely will it be that moving forward will be sooner, far better in style, and easier for all concerned. We are ready, are you?






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