A Great New Property Opportunity!

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The only reason we can’t move in next spring…

…is in YOUR hands!

Imagine, for less than the price of a dump of a home in the big city, the Society could own its very own RV park complete with facilities, vehicles and other assets, and even an income producing business ‘on the side.’ Such an opportunity has arisen, and it is very well worth a special post, especially if it motivates more people to join the Society and to contribute towards our making it financially doable to establish a stalking-free lifestyle. With just a little luck, we could literally have it ready for occupancy by early, next year.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.59.44 PM

And yes, it has enough room for homeless veterans and preppers who could help us build a really nice facility and provide superlative protection, if we elect to do that. By the way… be sure to check the MENUE icon for a lot more information about the society, the project, and exactly why and how it the only solution that works to end targeting for almost any form it can take. You will want to click to follow us for updates, as well, and comment freely.

UPDATE, March 2019: this property has since been sold, but two others of similar nature have become available. Meanwhile, some really nice properties of a more conventional nature have also become available, which are working farm/ranch style properties, some with their own private fish-stocked lake, swimming pool/jacuzzi, and on-site hunting. The problem is not site selection, it is Membership. Without enough supporting Members, we will never have the funds needed, because neither the Society nor individual members are going to have the ability to engage in traditional financing; we must pay cash, or at least have a significant down should we be lucky enough to find someone willing to carry us outside of financial institutions. We cannot do that, if you sit idly by and wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting: YOU are what you’ve been waiting for. 

SSLocated centrally in the heartland of America on a popular river, the site could easily accommodate up to 30 residents as it sits, with as many spots with access to full services (water, power, sewer). That’s based on only one person per RV or tiny home, but most RVs sleep 4-6 people… and there is room for adding even more spaces, as well. Central services include restrooms and showers, as well as a retail environment currently used to sell tourist items. What it does not have is a central kitchen or laundry facility, but it is very close to coin op laundries and there are campsite stoves for anyone who cannot cook in their RV. Restaurants and fast food abound nearby, as well as key services of a bustling community, including medical and emergency services.

13975295_10154491399153117_6821406394066221976_oThe site has a special income side to it which could be continued by FWH residents to help fund improvements and pay off any mortgage. It rents a variety of floatation devices from inner tubes to kayaks and canoes to large rafts, and there is the shop. A substantial inventory of nearly 400 such floats are included, as well as storage and transportation for them (tow vehicles and trailers). Inquiries as to income specifics have been made, but it appears it is capable of generating a minimum of about $50K a year in its worst year, and in its best year, nearly $100K, and the average since opening is about $75-80k. By relying only upon this for income, instead of daily rentals of camper locations, those figures would likely diminish, somewhat, an estimate of such impact being sought from the current owners.


Unlike most commercial RV parks on the market, which tend to be right on a major highway and out in the open, this one enjoys a good deal of privacy due to terrain features and location. Any weaknesses can be buttressed against targeting and perpetrator access with good planning and minimal modification. One nice feature is that the income side is actually off site, and need not impact resident privacy. That consists of four locations, three of which are ‘up river,’ where floats are put into the water, and the downstream ‘landing’ site where they are returned.

Also included are four buses, ranging in size from a small school bus to a modern full-size Interstate coach, which if  bought new would cost more than many homes. There are also vans and trucks, a dozen towable trailers including two which are actually ‘buildings,’ and a riding mower and a golf cart-like UTV. It appears there is also at least one shipping container used for storage.

Temps_MO_48Weather is temperate, slightly above the national averages in temperature. Snowfall over the Winter averages 8 inches, rainfall between 3-5 inches a month. The nearby community is literally just minutes away, with a population of about 2,000. A larger city of about 20,000 is about 30 minutes away, where one could find super stores and specialized services such as a municipal airport. Multiple big cities are within 2-3 hours drive, and major recreation and sporting destinations abound nearby in every direction.


PROBLEMS? You bet.

We still don’t have enough members and financial clout to do anything about establishing such a targeting free environment for the severest of stalking victims. Have YOU joined, yet? Have YOU donated, yet? Have you been spreading the word to get others to do so, as well? If not, you are not doing your part, and I have to ask what you are doing wasting your time reading this… because YOU are what you’ve been waiting for, not us!

Stated in more practical terms… if you are waiting for someone else to pave the way so that you can simply move in… you can’t. Occupancy will be first-come, first-serve from among Members, only, and based upon Membership seniority and residency application date, as well. So if you wait until we already have the camp, there is a good chance you can’t simply join and become a resident, at will. You could end up with a long wait, or be required to pay for improvements in order to make room for you.

So, ask yourself just what and who you are waiting for, and decide carefully!

Financially, first glance looks like it would take as few as 12 residents to make it work, and keep individual costs of living below $4-500 a month, each, including food and utilities. The hardest part would be the down payment. If it were through a bank, it would be about $100K. Because the seller is carrying the contract directly, and because the Society may be able to offer tax advantages, we hope to get that down to half, or less, perhaps as low as $25K.


Think about it. If you and 100 other persons were to donate $250… or 1,000 donated $25… or just one donated $25K, we stand a good chance of doing this right away. Just PayPal to freewillsociety.protonmail.com to donate. To become a Member is $25, to the same addy. Donations of $250 or more include Membership. Remember, if we don’t get this deal, another one will come along, and if we didn’t get this deal, it was because we weren’t ready… we didn’t have your help. Let’s get ready!

I know you can help with that. And, if intending to apply for residency, please email to the addy to inquire further, as there is a process for approval to make certain the idea is a good idea, and financially and procedurally doable in your precise circumstances. More about all that, here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.18.38 PM


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