The Importance of Stakeholder Status

Check out the latest site reviewed for an ideal stalking-free Free Will Haven intentional community… just reviewed last week. It looks like a bit of heaven fallen to Earth. The pictures and the list of all the things included will astound. But more importantly, it points out the importance of stakeholder status, as I’ve tried to explain several times, previously. Really, it all boils down to one thing standing in the way; YOU and me. We define our destiny, regardless of adversities.

Without achieving stake holder status in the eyes of would-be investor/partners, large donors, and corporate sponsors, and given our current rate of contributions and membership growth — the Free Will Society is limited to extremely low-priced property selections. Not to slight the gains we’ve made so far, the sad fact is that it could still be five to ten years or more before we raise enough cash by ourselves, alone, to get a simple plot of land with little in the way of useful improvements. I’ve shown you an example of that kind of lower-priced property, before. Keep in mind, the Society cannot simply do a mortgage; it has no more credit standing than the least well off Member, including myself, as founder.

But should we gather enough Members and funding to achieve stakeholder status, the sky is potentially the limit. The one large investor-partner already lost over lack of having a stakeholder status would have, for instance, more than covered the purchase of the property I’m featuring here. In fact, we could have had perhaps another $400,000 to play with to fund improvements and/or to subsidize residents needing financial help to relocate. I’d like you to imagine what it would mean to the victim community and to you, personally, to have access to this site — either as a long-term resident, or simply as a ‘vacation’ from stalking/targeting issues… or to you as a donor seeking to aid severe stalking victims.


Let me describe the site.

First of all, it is a full-service RV resort which is currently a profitable commercial venture which does very well in the vacation season. It is located somewhat central of the U.S. in a temperate weather zone where freezing weather is rare. The setting is very idyllic and park-like, in a spacious and lush mini-valley with its own stream and private lake stocked with Trout. It consists primarily of 52 acres, of which 38 are covered with harvestable trees. As an RV park, it features 24 regular spaces with hookups,* has his and her shower/restrooms, an indoor sauna and covered outdoor jacuzzi (on a deck), a laundry facility, and several lakeside gazebos with full kitchen, hot table for buffet, large open fireplace, and tables.

* Technically, each hookup could potentially handle two resident homes, if not too large and needing higher amperage. 

It is located 30 minutes from boat ramps to large lakes and other recreational playgrounds, and there are waterfalls within walking distance. A local grocery, cafe, and Baptist Church are also within walking distance, with city shopping and major services within 30 minutes drive. The Fire Department is only a half mile away. A nearby luxury resort is driving up land prices in the area, and it is only a matter of time before this site will be worth considerably more than it is, today; it is a good long-term investment.

It features a home useful as a office/support services areas with two one-bedroom apartments for visiting guests. It has two attached garages and there is a three-bay equipment shed, within which is an included tractor with implements, and other maintenance gear. There are also 7 very interesting tiny homes available for sale or lease, and it may be possible to arrange significant discounts for FWS Members in exchange for promotional considerations. Some of these are already hooked up in their own non RV locations.

Like most such parks operated commercially, it has some highway frontage for easy access and advertising purposes. Unlike most such parks, it is well protected for privacy and security’s sake. It is unseen from the roadway; with buffering trees all about, it is at a very much lower ground level, and protected by ownership of the chief hillsides and two hill tops. It is accessed by long curved private, gated, drives, front and back. The only thing it does not have, is garden plots and livestock… because there are currently no long-term residents who might have such interests. It does have plenty of cleared land with good soil at various locations to establish such plots.

Take a peek, and imagine yourself living there… and click to enlarge any image.


Now, again: fully understand we could already be there, NOW, TODAY, except that we did not do a good job of evangelizing for memberships, nor in encouraging contributions. By ‘we,’ it means YOU, non-member victims at large, as much as it means those who have already joined the Society. Without your support, we did not achieve anything like a stakeholder share in our own project. Quite naturally, the would-be investor balked. The blame falls upon everyone in the greater victim community, members and non members alike.

Therefore, let us renew our effort with a clearer vision and set a goal. It is important for every Member to commit to recruiting at least three more Members… and to donate to the extent they are able. Ask those recruited to do the same. If you are not yet a Member, join today. Moreover, don’t forget that if you wish to become a resident, and must sell your current dwelling or possessions in order to relocate to a tiny home/RV lifestyle… should you end up with more cash than is needed to acquire/build a tiny home or secure an RV… any excess cash can be used to prepay towards rent in a formula which equates to a significant discount, and reduced monthly living expenses, overall.


  1. Mark · December 20

    Where is the property located?


    • Author H. Michael Sweeney · December 27

      We do not have property, as of yet. One experimental site in Idaho was a bust: not as represented; two in Oregon were successful, but both properties were temporarily available for a limited period of time. I calculate we enjoyed a total of some five man-years of targeting-free time between them.


  2. Author H. Michael Sweeney · December 27

    If you are asking about any ‘sample’ properties I’ve posted, they were mostly in central south U.S. They usually are not on the market for very long.


    • Mark Skipper · December 27

      I commend you efforts. Right now is when people need to be finding a more permanent bugout location.


      • Author H. Michael Sweeney · December 27

        True. For the Society, the ideal property will have three specialty areas: 1) for stalking victims, 2) for homeless vets who oversee perimeter security and access; 3) a section for prepper bug out sites, for SHTF scenarios. This would enable very valuable symbiotic relationships, and the sharing of key central resources (i.e., grown/hunted/fished food, infrastructure).


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