New Interim Housing Option?

Updated: Jun 26 (in red) Additional update, Sept 15: there is now a video which adds useful information for anyone considering to take advantage. Now that Fall is here, spaces are opening up and prices falling… as is true in general for the price of used motor homes, while at the same time, more tend to be for sale.

TWO CHANCES to escape targeting with little delay now barely exists

Of late, Mr. Sweeney has been approached by stalking victims with sufficiently severe targeting that they felt an immediate need to relocate. Unfortunately, Free Will Haven is not around the corner; we need more Members, and much more financing. However, these individuals wanted to join Mr. Sweeney in the small Washington State community where he as avoided such targeting for more than a year, now. The general idea would be to pre-stage for eventual caravan to any future Free Will Haven location.

There are indeed aspects of the small town’s layout and property relationships which help make it a safer community against stalking, than most, despite having its fair share of unhappy social issues. Exploring this option, Mr. Sweeney has just as of yesterday, found a local home for sale which is ideally suited for a small-scale safe-haven for stalking victims. It is also well situated with a natural defensive nature against stalking interloper strategies. Additionally, it is near to a motel which offers trailers for rent as well as rooms.

This opportunity (chance #1) has, upon deeper investigation, proved too costly, and it was learned that zoning requirements would prohibit residents from living in RVs full time, and other unhappy restrictions which would increase costs further. HOWEVER, it is not totally dead, if enough persons were to become involved as intended residents, or someone or two were able to provide a healthy donation. Zoning issues might be resolved with a variance application to the city. OR, similar property might be found outside of city limits. 

Chance #2, I’m informed, is far less an option, today than when discovered. While there still may be space available, the sports fishing and vacation season are upon us, and they have raised the price from $400 to $650 a month, I am told. Given the quality of the property and the units, I find that excessively high. There are nicer places (though not with the same anti-targeting features in place) for that sum, or less.

Contact them directly to confirm current details and availability, and be sure to notify me by email (proparanoidgroup at gmail com) once you depart, and with expected arrival date, that we can arrange to meet and get you better settled in the following day.

Cranberry Motel Address: 920 S Montesano St, Westport, WA 98595

Phone: +1-360-268-0807

Below continues description of Chance #1, and more about the area and tactical advantages it offers.

*** To keep up with future site selection and evolving availability, JOIN the Society, and gain access to all future property reviews, and participate in dialogs which will determine final options. 

RV spaces and ‘dorm’ beds available, with central services

While the hotel charges $600 a month, it includes all utilities including wifi, and it would give victims a chance to experience RV lifestyles in a very decently targeting-safe environment. But the best hope is the home just mentioned: can house 4 or more in Class C motor homes or other small RVs, and perhaps another 8 persons or more of each sex in dorm room-like accommodations using bunk beds. To make this idea viable would require some fairly specific commitments of participation, as Mr. Sweeney will necessarily need to personally finance the purchase, and it will be rather difficult to do that and handle prepatory costs, as well. It will not prove viable without commitments of participation.

At this time, some details remain somewhat sketchy, pending additional inquiries as to any zoning and land use codes which might prove an issue, but the real estate agent feels the property qualifies for the use intended; it is zoned multi-resident, multi-use, as is much of the town. Mr Sweeney would reside in a one-room ‘apartment’ within the structure, with his suite of electronic TSCM and other privacy/security equipment, while the main part of the home would be shared by all as common area.

To make the project feasible, we would need at least 4 persons who would be able to arrive in or be able to locally purchase Class C RVs (this is a bad time of year to buy locally — it is the start of RV season). Older metal-clad units can be purchased for as little as $5K, which offer reasonable long-term livability and reliability — which increases as one spends more. Less costly units tend to have issues which make them an investment risk for anything but short-term uses such as a camping weekend.

Such participants would need to provide an additional up-front fee to the project of some $3500, to establish a semi-permanent site with power hookup, and should expect monthly expenses of roughly $220 a month, plus roughly $200 a month for food. They would need to pay for their own power and propane, which might run an average of $100 a month, or less. TV and community internet wi-fi access will be provided. Water would be available in the house, or bottled water can be purchased separately. RV waste disposal is available in town for a few bucks a visit, which is typically every month to three months for most units. RV participants would have day/evening use of the house, and could elect to use sleeping bags in the house during any severely cold days or power outages. In the last two winters there has been no such cold days, and only one partial day of power outage.


Older Class C Motorhomes tend to look like this: the ribbing is how to know they are metal clad — providing natural shielding against RF/EMF/MW. Newer units tend to be fiberglass.

We would additionally need at least 8 persons able to commit as dorm residents. They should expect to pay $1,500 up front, and $400 a month for ‘residency,’ plus food costs — power provided, and all utilities per the above paragraph. Such residents could then ride share with the RV units once a caravan was formed.

This opportunity is ONLY available to current Free Will Society Members. So your first step would be to join, if not already a member ($25 a year). PayPal to freewillsociety at protonmail com, with comment as to purpose, and a confirming email as PP does not always notify of a payment for some reason.

Strategy and other considerations

If and when enough people who can make commitments have been garnered, the initial payments will need to be made. A Free Will Society special bank account will be established for those funds, pending actualization. Only if those commitments were met, would Mr. Sweeney commit to the personal investment for purchase of the property, at which time those funds would be locked in for their intended purpose. If the purchase fails to take place, all such monies would be refunded, unless the would-be participant would wish it donated to the Society.

Upon arrival, immediate occupancy would be assured, though it might take some time to situate perfectly, if outside services are involved (i.e., waiting for power hookup). For those who do not arrive in an RV unit, their low cost of residency will allow them to save towards the purchase of such a unit, their best option to purchase near-to the Free Will Haven location once we arrive. They can ride along with other RV owners in the caravan, to get there.

Further, once the caravan is formed, the property in question will be put up for sale, and one-half of the up-front fees will be refunded in the manner of a deposit, from any equity proceeds of the sale — provided participants have remained with the housing project the whole time, and have been able to both arrive and contribute usefully as described. The full sum can be also refunded if the project does not materialize, but once committed, there would be no refund until the project ended. The Society will place a property lien upon the property to better insure the refunds are repaid.

All residents should expect to contribute time to the promotion of the Society and to upkeep and improvement of facilities, as their various skills might allow. This might be in the form of some kind of local cottage industry, and participants will be encourage to develop online income opportunities of their own. Local jobs do exist, but tend to be seasonal or specialized. The living room area is rather large and can serve as a community center for all manner of activity, including organized events.

The back yard is large and rather private, and would make a good place for a community project to build tiny homes on trailers, allowing even more people to join us or for dormers to migrate to private quarters. Or, they could be sold to generate revenue. In any event, it would be a good learning experience for actual Free Will Haven occupation.

Participants should also plan on liquidating almost everything they own and bringing very little in the way of personal possessions. There will be little in the way of storage space available for much more than a box or two of memorabilia. RV’s certainly offer very little space. Books, video games, movies, any large screen monitor/TV or computer, and a few changes of clothes for each season and purpose is about all one should consider bringing — and perhaps three sets of kitchen ware. Bring your guns… though Washington State has some of the toughest gun laws, the County and City refuses to enforce them. We can form shooting parties and offer safety classes if desired.

The project would be in need of a washer, dryer, a lawn mower, and bicycles would be very useful, but we would have limited parking spaces for private vehicles, which could be sold upon arrival, unless willing to make them available for shared use. While one might arrive by car, a car is not exactly needed, here, so selling it once you get here, or making it available for shared use might prove more logical (we should talk about options). It also will not be needed to caravan, if and when we leave for Free Will Haven.

But we could use a pickup or truck/van, or 9 passenger vehicle, esp. if equipped with trailer hitch and/or winch. We can use kitchen counter-top appliances and a vacuum cleaner, and other odds and ends. Feel free to suggest anything you might like to contribute in exchange for credit against ‘rent.’ A boat makes sense, too, if it has a trailer. Boat ramps are everywhere.

Where located, description

The community of Westport, Wa (Pop 2K), is sleepy, peaceful, and very pleasant — a vacation destination with a fishing and boating industry (you can go deep sea fishing, crabbing, or dig clams if you wish). There is good first-responder service available, and Mr. Sweeney has a good working relationship with the Police and County Sheriff. Aberdeen is the nearest large city with multiple hospitals and shopping-center destinations, etc., some 30 minutes away. Seattle and the Capitol, Olympia, are roughly an hour distant, served by SeaTac International Airport, with bus service to Aberdeen, and from Aberdeen to Westport. Shoalwater Bay Casino is some 15 minutes away, and we enjoy a local library, Coast Guard facility, and air field.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.14.28 PM.png

The beach is 5 minutes away, and is both massively long and broad, and there are many parks and other places of interest, including a museum and tourist sites. The economy is rather depressed due mismanagement by liberal politicians of the timber and fishing industries, and that has resulted in a very low cost of living compared to almost anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. The local grocery store is often only slightly more costly than Walmart or the Dollar Store, and in some cases, less expensive, if buying case lots.

Note: a local area firm makes electric bikes which make extremely logical local transportation solutions which provide fun exercise options — their large fat tires can easily navigate the beach and wooded area pathways in the parks.

If at all interested, please email immediately and we can initiate dialogs which will explore participation options and pin down the reality and practicality against the individual’s needs. Once agreement has been made on workability, advice will be given on how to wisely proceed with the greatest efficiency. Unfortunately, time is somewhat of the essence, as the property is for sale, and anyone could purchase it at any time, including organized stalkers seeking to steal the opportunity away. There may or may not be alternative sites as viable, and as affordable.

Once that hurdle is breached, there would be a $50 screening fee to insure the compatibility and appropriateness of admittance to the community. That will involve a period of question and answer dialogs which can identify fake victims or persons with special types of issues which would not make the effort worth anyone’s while. This is also part and parcel of Mr. Sweeney’s professional services when he directly provided aid to stalking victims as consultant, and will result in specific useful advice valuable to the stalking victim, regardless of circumstances.

Please reply immediately to start down the path, and indicate interest, lest the opportunity be lost, for all.

YOU are what you’ve been waiting for. The Society is merely a catalyst and a tool… which is useless unless YOU use it.


The only thing missing in this picture, is YOU.

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