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Stalking and related crimes are a serious issue. There are some forms of targeting or reasons behind the stalking where reporting it to Police (or anyone else) could be a mistake. However, that is normally the very first thing one should do; getting a Police Report on record and showing a pattern of behavior can be critical to eliciting eventual protection options, such as actions by Police, or obtaining a Restraining Order. One exception would be if the stalking was associated with Political Control Technology, generally associated with a special form of stalking, called ‘Organized,’ or ‘Gang’ stalking. That can often include use of electronic weapons of various kinds. Mr. Sweeney advises to NEVER go to Police about these forms of stalking, unless able to prove how, how, when, and why… or you will simply be labeled as mentally ill.

If you have zero evidence or proof, it may be better to first enlist friends, families, coworkers, neighbors, and the like to help witness clues to give validity to any claims made to Police. But before you ask, make sure they are visible. The more unbelievable your situations seems, the more apt that may prove to be wise advise.

On the other hand, you can also simply leave out the unbelievable parts, and focus on those things more ordinary in the telling. The sooner Police can be contacted, the better… but better still if that’s when they believe you and if you can give them information they can chase down… which they won’t bother attempting if they do not believe you. You can also contact author H. Michael Sweeney for personal advice based on your situation:

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Other Resources

Heavily targeted individuals will want to checkout Mr. Sweeney’s books, videos, and even music which relate to topic. These and many specialized blog posts for targeted persons are available at his personal blog pages. Not all relate to stalking, specifically, but may prove helpful in unexpected ways, because stalking can come in many forms and involve many other kinds of violation of privacy/security.


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