Is One of These to be Free Will Haven? It’s Up to YOU!

I continue to remain hopeful that we will garner suitable financing to proceed with the project, despite being dismayed that stalking victims both within and outside of Society Membership are still failing to proactively promote the Society with donations or evangelism to the extent they should. Ironically, it is a casual relationship with a another organization which has generated the most evangelical effort, by a factor of perhaps 1000%. Likewise, all-too few Members have donated any funds beyond their membership fee. This is YOUR future, your rescue, and if you do not participate, it will not likely be yours, ever.

But this is definitely doable, if people would simply get serious, and work towards it.

Every property shown below was recently put on the market, and costs no more than a decent median home in a city on the West Coast, but sits on large acreage instead of being crammed into a tiny lot sandwiched between 8 others at its property lines. Each enjoys an abundance of trees and appropriately level land suitable for growing food, raising animals, and parking RVs or building tiny homes. Many have on-site hunting and/or fishing, or water features, with trails for hiking, biking, or four-wheel RVing. All have been chosen for their excellent privacy and security (no line-of-sight neighbors, typically accessed with a long private drive), temperate climate, and being well away from cell/communication towers or high-tension lines. Regardless, most afford remarkable scenic views into public lands which often buffer the property, or the property itself is a remarkable view or park-like setting, and all are somewhat centrally located to the U.S. in Southern States.

Really, YOU are what you’ve been waiting for

    • An actual community/meeting facility intended to be entirely self sustaining, on a very private 180 acre plot of lane. Features an ultra modern geodesic design, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths (5b/4b) its own creek and a pool;
    • A working farm/ranch complete with tractor and barn in a secluded 24 acre plot, with 3 b/b, and it too, has a pool with adjoining fire pit ‘courtyard’. The barn has four stalls and the loft has been finished into a massive space which, like additions to the home which are as yet unfinished, could be made into additional, separate living spaces or storage;
    • An 88 acre plot with 3 ponds and access to a public lake, originally used as a hunting lodge (hunter’s blinds and feeding plots in place). It has one large and one small home (4b/3b total) on site along with two large metal shop/storage buildings, and two storage sheds;
    • A 60 acre seclusion offers a newer 3,000 sq. ft. three-story 5b/3b log cabin with wrap-around covered porch, which, like the furnishings, were built from Red Cedar harvested on site;
      • Another farm/ranch with 3b/2b home equipped with one small and two metal utility buildings (one with its own bath, shower, and washer/dryer), existing food plots, and multiple pastures for livestock. It has its own creek, an outdoor BBQ/pick nick area,and is populated with fruit trees and various berries, all on just under 180 acres within walking or bike distance to river beaches;
    • An historical 3b/2b farm house remodeled and updated on 120 acres, featuring Civil War period fencing and a large chalet-style deck in back, and a separate, large screened porch to one side. Along with appropriate out buildings including a large metal shed with RV sized door, it also has the original Civil War era log cabin, updated to make a nice ‘one-room’ tiny home, and a tree fort with playground/picknick area with fire pit. There is creek-fed pond, as well;

Strategy can be everything, even on a budget

These particular homes fit well with an overall strategy of not just meeting the basic living and security needs the project demands, but also, a desire to provide a comforting, relaxing, and therapeutic lifestyle which is serenely resort-like in nature, and includes a physical health aspect. For example, you will note most feature a pool, which will allow very good exercise, socializing, and outright fun activities. This can prove very valuable to older persons like myself or, again like myself, may have physical handicaps which would benefit from low-impact exercise… which is also something a stalking victim might find very valuable if having been a virtual shut-in for years at a time. In like manner, many of these sites offer trails, support horses, and other features which encourage those forms of enjoyable exercise. 

Similarly, all feature remarkable interiors which evoke a feeling of other-world get-aways or lost-in-time escapes from reality… a perfect mental salve for the tortured mind that would love to forget less happy times. These are all quality properties in such terms, as these. Yes, for less money, we could find something simpler and more utilitarian. And yes, for even more money, we could amplify such details: some homes on my list include such things as exercise rooms, shooting ranges, tennis courts, saunas, theater rooms, pool tables or other game tables, wet bars, and so forth.

All these are choices… but they all remain largely up to you. YOU determine how much money we will have to move forward, which in turn dictates the final property choices from among those available at the time. Not just by your contributions, but by what your contributions might enable, in the form of larger contributions from non victims. Recall, for instance, that we have twice had persons who were interested in larger donations (one as much as perhaps $2M), and twice they backed off, primarily because we did not have enough members and enough of our own money invested, to seem ‘viable’ in their eyes. In financial terms, they did not see us as serious stakeholders in our own destiny; if we would not risk our own money and effort, why should they take a chance on our success?

Only YOU can answer that question… with your personal actions.

    • Send potential members or those wishing to help in other ways, here:
    • Donate via Paypal to freewillsociety at protonmail com, and encourage others to do so


New Interim Housing Option?

Updated: Jun 26 (in red) Additional update, Sept 15: there is now a video which adds useful information for anyone considering to take advantage. Now that Fall is here, spaces are opening up and prices falling… as is true in general for the price of used motor homes, while at the same time, more tend to be for sale.

TWO CHANCES to escape targeting with little delay now barely exists

Of late, Mr. Sweeney has been approached by stalking victims with sufficiently severe targeting that they felt an immediate need to relocate. Unfortunately, Free Will Haven is not around the corner; we need more Members, and much more financing. However, these individuals wanted to join Mr. Sweeney in the small Washington State community where he as avoided such targeting for more than a year, now. The general idea would be to pre-stage for eventual caravan to any future Free Will Haven location.

There are indeed aspects of the small town’s layout and property relationships which help make it a safer community against stalking, than most, despite having its fair share of unhappy social issues. Exploring this option, Mr. Sweeney has just as of yesterday, found a local home for sale which is ideally suited for a small-scale safe-haven for stalking victims. It is also well situated with a natural defensive nature against stalking interloper strategies. Additionally, it is near to a motel which offers trailers for rent as well as rooms.

This opportunity (chance #1) has, upon deeper investigation, proved too costly, and it was learned that zoning requirements would prohibit residents from living in RVs full time, and other unhappy restrictions which would increase costs further. HOWEVER, it is not totally dead, if enough persons were to become involved as intended residents, or someone or two were able to provide a healthy donation. Zoning issues might be resolved with a variance application to the city. OR, similar property might be found outside of city limits. 

Chance #2, I’m informed, is far less an option, today than when discovered. While there still may be space available, the sports fishing and vacation season are upon us, and they have raised the price from $400 to $650 a month, I am told. Given the quality of the property and the units, I find that excessively high. There are nicer places (though not with the same anti-targeting features in place) for that sum, or less.

Contact them directly to confirm current details and availability, and be sure to notify me by email (proparanoidgroup at gmail com) once you depart, and with expected arrival date, that we can arrange to meet and get you better settled in the following day.

Cranberry Motel Address: 920 S Montesano St, Westport, WA 98595

Phone: +1-360-268-0807

Below continues description of Chance #1, and more about the area and tactical advantages it offers.

*** To keep up with future site selection and evolving availability, JOIN the Society, and gain access to all future property reviews, and participate in dialogs which will determine final options. 

RV spaces and ‘dorm’ beds available, with central services

While the hotel charges $600 a month, it includes all utilities including wifi, and it would give victims a chance to experience RV lifestyles in a very decently targeting-safe environment. But the best hope is the home just mentioned: can house 4 or more in Class C motor homes or other small RVs, and perhaps another 8 persons or more of each sex in dorm room-like accommodations using bunk beds. To make this idea viable would require some fairly specific commitments of participation, as Mr. Sweeney will necessarily need to personally finance the purchase, and it will be rather difficult to do that and handle prepatory costs, as well. It will not prove viable without commitments of participation.

At this time, some details remain somewhat sketchy, pending additional inquiries as to any zoning and land use codes which might prove an issue, but the real estate agent feels the property qualifies for the use intended; it is zoned multi-resident, multi-use, as is much of the town. Mr Sweeney would reside in a one-room ‘apartment’ within the structure, with his suite of electronic TSCM and other privacy/security equipment, while the main part of the home would be shared by all as common area.

To make the project feasible, we would need at least 4 persons who would be able to arrive in or be able to locally purchase Class C RVs (this is a bad time of year to buy locally — it is the start of RV season). Older metal-clad units can be purchased for as little as $5K, which offer reasonable long-term livability and reliability — which increases as one spends more. Less costly units tend to have issues which make them an investment risk for anything but short-term uses such as a camping weekend.

Such participants would need to provide an additional up-front fee to the project of some $3500, to establish a semi-permanent site with power hookup, and should expect monthly expenses of roughly $220 a month, plus roughly $200 a month for food. They would need to pay for their own power and propane, which might run an average of $100 a month, or less. TV and community internet wi-fi access will be provided. Water would be available in the house, or bottled water can be purchased separately. RV waste disposal is available in town for a few bucks a visit, which is typically every month to three months for most units. RV participants would have day/evening use of the house, and could elect to use sleeping bags in the house during any severely cold days or power outages. In the last two winters there has been no such cold days, and only one partial day of power outage.


Older Class C Motorhomes tend to look like this: the ribbing is how to know they are metal clad — providing natural shielding against RF/EMF/MW. Newer units tend to be fiberglass.

We would additionally need at least 8 persons able to commit as dorm residents. They should expect to pay $1,500 up front, and $400 a month for ‘residency,’ plus food costs — power provided, and all utilities per the above paragraph. Such residents could then ride share with the RV units once a caravan was formed.

This opportunity is ONLY available to current Free Will Society Members. So your first step would be to join, if not already a member ($25 a year). PayPal to freewillsociety at protonmail com, with comment as to purpose, and a confirming email as PP does not always notify of a payment for some reason.

Strategy and other considerations

If and when enough people who can make commitments have been garnered, the initial payments will need to be made. A Free Will Society special bank account will be established for those funds, pending actualization. Only if those commitments were met, would Mr. Sweeney commit to the personal investment for purchase of the property, at which time those funds would be locked in for their intended purpose. If the purchase fails to take place, all such monies would be refunded, unless the would-be participant would wish it donated to the Society.

Upon arrival, immediate occupancy would be assured, though it might take some time to situate perfectly, if outside services are involved (i.e., waiting for power hookup). For those who do not arrive in an RV unit, their low cost of residency will allow them to save towards the purchase of such a unit, their best option to purchase near-to the Free Will Haven location once we arrive. They can ride along with other RV owners in the caravan, to get there.

Further, once the caravan is formed, the property in question will be put up for sale, and one-half of the up-front fees will be refunded in the manner of a deposit, from any equity proceeds of the sale — provided participants have remained with the housing project the whole time, and have been able to both arrive and contribute usefully as described. The full sum can be also refunded if the project does not materialize, but once committed, there would be no refund until the project ended. The Society will place a property lien upon the property to better insure the refunds are repaid.

All residents should expect to contribute time to the promotion of the Society and to upkeep and improvement of facilities, as their various skills might allow. This might be in the form of some kind of local cottage industry, and participants will be encourage to develop online income opportunities of their own. Local jobs do exist, but tend to be seasonal or specialized. The living room area is rather large and can serve as a community center for all manner of activity, including organized events.

The back yard is large and rather private, and would make a good place for a community project to build tiny homes on trailers, allowing even more people to join us or for dormers to migrate to private quarters. Or, they could be sold to generate revenue. In any event, it would be a good learning experience for actual Free Will Haven occupation.

Participants should also plan on liquidating almost everything they own and bringing very little in the way of personal possessions. There will be little in the way of storage space available for much more than a box or two of memorabilia. RV’s certainly offer very little space. Books, video games, movies, any large screen monitor/TV or computer, and a few changes of clothes for each season and purpose is about all one should consider bringing — and perhaps three sets of kitchen ware. Bring your guns… though Washington State has some of the toughest gun laws, the County and City refuses to enforce them. We can form shooting parties and offer safety classes if desired.

The project would be in need of a washer, dryer, a lawn mower, and bicycles would be very useful, but we would have limited parking spaces for private vehicles, which could be sold upon arrival, unless willing to make them available for shared use. While one might arrive by car, a car is not exactly needed, here, so selling it once you get here, or making it available for shared use might prove more logical (we should talk about options). It also will not be needed to caravan, if and when we leave for Free Will Haven.

But we could use a pickup or truck/van, or 9 passenger vehicle, esp. if equipped with trailer hitch and/or winch. We can use kitchen counter-top appliances and a vacuum cleaner, and other odds and ends. Feel free to suggest anything you might like to contribute in exchange for credit against ‘rent.’ A boat makes sense, too, if it has a trailer. Boat ramps are everywhere.

Where located, description

The community of Westport, Wa (Pop 2K), is sleepy, peaceful, and very pleasant — a vacation destination with a fishing and boating industry (you can go deep sea fishing, crabbing, or dig clams if you wish). There is good first-responder service available, and Mr. Sweeney has a good working relationship with the Police and County Sheriff. Aberdeen is the nearest large city with multiple hospitals and shopping-center destinations, etc., some 30 minutes away. Seattle and the Capitol, Olympia, are roughly an hour distant, served by SeaTac International Airport, with bus service to Aberdeen, and from Aberdeen to Westport. Shoalwater Bay Casino is some 15 minutes away, and we enjoy a local library, Coast Guard facility, and air field.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.14.28 PM.png

The beach is 5 minutes away, and is both massively long and broad, and there are many parks and other places of interest, including a museum and tourist sites. The economy is rather depressed due mismanagement by liberal politicians of the timber and fishing industries, and that has resulted in a very low cost of living compared to almost anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. The local grocery store is often only slightly more costly than Walmart or the Dollar Store, and in some cases, less expensive, if buying case lots.

Note: a local area firm makes electric bikes which make extremely logical local transportation solutions which provide fun exercise options — their large fat tires can easily navigate the beach and wooded area pathways in the parks.

If at all interested, please email immediately and we can initiate dialogs which will explore participation options and pin down the reality and practicality against the individual’s needs. Once agreement has been made on workability, advice will be given on how to wisely proceed with the greatest efficiency. Unfortunately, time is somewhat of the essence, as the property is for sale, and anyone could purchase it at any time, including organized stalkers seeking to steal the opportunity away. There may or may not be alternative sites as viable, and as affordable.

Once that hurdle is breached, there would be a $50 screening fee to insure the compatibility and appropriateness of admittance to the community. That will involve a period of question and answer dialogs which can identify fake victims or persons with special types of issues which would not make the effort worth anyone’s while. This is also part and parcel of Mr. Sweeney’s professional services when he directly provided aid to stalking victims as consultant, and will result in specific useful advice valuable to the stalking victim, regardless of circumstances.

Please reply immediately to start down the path, and indicate interest, lest the opportunity be lost, for all.

YOU are what you’ve been waiting for. The Society is merely a catalyst and a tool… which is useless unless YOU use it.


The only thing missing in this picture, is YOU.

The Importance of Stakeholder Status

Check out the latest site reviewed for an ideal stalking-free Free Will Haven intentional community… just reviewed last week. It looks like a bit of heaven fallen to Earth. The pictures and the list of all the things included will astound. But more importantly, it points out the importance of stakeholder status, as I’ve tried to explain several times, previously. Really, it all boils down to one thing standing in the way; YOU and me. We define our destiny, regardless of adversities.

Without achieving stake holder status in the eyes of would-be investor/partners, large donors, and corporate sponsors, and given our current rate of contributions and membership growth — the Free Will Society is limited to extremely low-priced property selections. Not to slight the gains we’ve made so far, the sad fact is that it could still be five to ten years or more before we raise enough cash by ourselves, alone, to get a simple plot of land with little in the way of useful improvements. I’ve shown you an example of that kind of lower-priced property, before. Keep in mind, the Society cannot simply do a mortgage; it has no more credit standing than the least well off Member, including myself, as founder.

But should we gather enough Members and funding to achieve stakeholder status, the sky is potentially the limit. The one large investor-partner already lost over lack of having a stakeholder status would have, for instance, more than covered the purchase of the property I’m featuring here. In fact, we could have had perhaps another $400,000 to play with to fund improvements and/or to subsidize residents needing financial help to relocate. I’d like you to imagine what it would mean to the victim community and to you, personally, to have access to this site — either as a long-term resident, or simply as a ‘vacation’ from stalking/targeting issues… or to you as a donor seeking to aid severe stalking victims.


Let me describe the site.

First of all, it is a full-service RV resort which is currently a profitable commercial venture which does very well in the vacation season. It is located somewhat central of the U.S. in a temperate weather zone where freezing weather is rare. The setting is very idyllic and park-like, in a spacious and lush mini-valley with its own stream and private lake stocked with Trout. It consists primarily of 52 acres, of which 38 are covered with harvestable trees. As an RV park, it features 24 regular spaces with hookups,* has his and her shower/restrooms, an indoor sauna and covered outdoor jacuzzi (on a deck), a laundry facility, and several lakeside gazebos with full kitchen, hot table for buffet, large open fireplace, and tables.

* Technically, each hookup could potentially handle two resident homes, if not too large and needing higher amperage. 

It is located 30 minutes from boat ramps to large lakes and other recreational playgrounds, and there are waterfalls within walking distance. A local grocery, cafe, and Baptist Church are also within walking distance, with city shopping and major services within 30 minutes drive. The Fire Department is only a half mile away. A nearby luxury resort is driving up land prices in the area, and it is only a matter of time before this site will be worth considerably more than it is, today; it is a good long-term investment.

It features a home useful as a office/support services areas with two one-bedroom apartments for visiting guests. It has two attached garages and there is a three-bay equipment shed, within which is an included tractor with implements, and other maintenance gear. There are also 7 very interesting tiny homes available for sale or lease, and it may be possible to arrange significant discounts for FWS Members in exchange for promotional considerations. Some of these are already hooked up in their own non RV locations.

Like most such parks operated commercially, it has some highway frontage for easy access and advertising purposes. Unlike most such parks, it is well protected for privacy and security’s sake. It is unseen from the roadway; with buffering trees all about, it is at a very much lower ground level, and protected by ownership of the chief hillsides and two hill tops. It is accessed by long curved private, gated, drives, front and back. The only thing it does not have, is garden plots and livestock… because there are currently no long-term residents who might have such interests. It does have plenty of cleared land with good soil at various locations to establish such plots.

Take a peek, and imagine yourself living there… and click to enlarge any image.


Now, again: fully understand we could already be there, NOW, TODAY, except that we did not do a good job of evangelizing for memberships, nor in encouraging contributions. By ‘we,’ it means YOU, non-member victims at large, as much as it means those who have already joined the Society. Without your support, we did not achieve anything like a stakeholder share in our own project. Quite naturally, the would-be investor balked. The blame falls upon everyone in the greater victim community, members and non members alike.

Therefore, let us renew our effort with a clearer vision and set a goal. It is important for every Member to commit to recruiting at least three more Members… and to donate to the extent they are able. Ask those recruited to do the same. If you are not yet a Member, join today. Moreover, don’t forget that if you wish to become a resident, and must sell your current dwelling or possessions in order to relocate to a tiny home/RV lifestyle… should you end up with more cash than is needed to acquire/build a tiny home or secure an RV… any excess cash can be used to prepay towards rent in a formula which equates to a significant discount, and reduced monthly living expenses, overall.

A Great New Property Opportunity!

All content of this site is copyright protected, with general permissions to duplicate or quote in alternate blogs or articles, provided full credit as to origin (Free Will Society) and link to same ( is provided in the introduction. Please then COMMENT to the page from which the material was taken advising with descriptive comments, of the share, with a link to it, which will serve to promote YOUR site.


The only reason we can’t move in next spring…

…is in YOUR hands!

Imagine, for less than the price of a dump of a home in the big city, the Society could own its very own RV park complete with facilities, vehicles and other assets, and even an income producing business ‘on the side.’ Such an opportunity has arisen, and it is very well worth a special post, especially if it motivates more people to join the Society and to contribute towards our making it financially doable to establish a stalking-free lifestyle. With just a little luck, we could literally have it ready for occupancy by early, next year.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.59.44 PM

And yes, it has enough room for homeless veterans and preppers who could help us build a really nice facility and provide superlative protection, if we elect to do that. By the way… be sure to check the MENUE icon for a lot more information about the society, the project, and exactly why and how it the only solution that works to end targeting for almost any form it can take. You will want to click to follow us for updates, as well, and comment freely.

UPDATE, March 2019: this property has since been sold, but two others of similar nature have become available. Meanwhile, some really nice properties of a more conventional nature have also become available, which are working farm/ranch style properties, some with their own private fish-stocked lake, swimming pool/jacuzzi, and on-site hunting. The problem is not site selection, it is Membership. Without enough supporting Members, we will never have the funds needed, because neither the Society nor individual members are going to have the ability to engage in traditional financing; we must pay cash, or at least have a significant down should we be lucky enough to find someone willing to carry us outside of financial institutions. We cannot do that, if you sit idly by and wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting: YOU are what you’ve been waiting for. 

SSLocated centrally in the heartland of America on a popular river, the site could easily accommodate up to 30 residents as it sits, with as many spots with access to full services (water, power, sewer). That’s based on only one person per RV or tiny home, but most RVs sleep 4-6 people… and there is room for adding even more spaces, as well. Central services include restrooms and showers, as well as a retail environment currently used to sell tourist items. What it does not have is a central kitchen or laundry facility, but it is very close to coin op laundries and there are campsite stoves for anyone who cannot cook in their RV. Restaurants and fast food abound nearby, as well as key services of a bustling community, including medical and emergency services.

13975295_10154491399153117_6821406394066221976_oThe site has a special income side to it which could be continued by FWH residents to help fund improvements and pay off any mortgage. It rents a variety of floatation devices from inner tubes to kayaks and canoes to large rafts, and there is the shop. A substantial inventory of nearly 400 such floats are included, as well as storage and transportation for them (tow vehicles and trailers). Inquiries as to income specifics have been made, but it appears it is capable of generating a minimum of about $50K a year in its worst year, and in its best year, nearly $100K, and the average since opening is about $75-80k. By relying only upon this for income, instead of daily rentals of camper locations, those figures would likely diminish, somewhat, an estimate of such impact being sought from the current owners.


Unlike most commercial RV parks on the market, which tend to be right on a major highway and out in the open, this one enjoys a good deal of privacy due to terrain features and location. Any weaknesses can be buttressed against targeting and perpetrator access with good planning and minimal modification. One nice feature is that the income side is actually off site, and need not impact resident privacy. That consists of four locations, three of which are ‘up river,’ where floats are put into the water, and the downstream ‘landing’ site where they are returned.

Also included are four buses, ranging in size from a small school bus to a modern full-size Interstate coach, which if  bought new would cost more than many homes. There are also vans and trucks, a dozen towable trailers including two which are actually ‘buildings,’ and a riding mower and a golf cart-like UTV. It appears there is also at least one shipping container used for storage.

Temps_MO_48Weather is temperate, slightly above the national averages in temperature. Snowfall over the Winter averages 8 inches, rainfall between 3-5 inches a month. The nearby community is literally just minutes away, with a population of about 2,000. A larger city of about 20,000 is about 30 minutes away, where one could find super stores and specialized services such as a municipal airport. Multiple big cities are within 2-3 hours drive, and major recreation and sporting destinations abound nearby in every direction.


PROBLEMS? You bet.

We still don’t have enough members and financial clout to do anything about establishing such a targeting free environment for the severest of stalking victims. Have YOU joined, yet? Have YOU donated, yet? Have you been spreading the word to get others to do so, as well? If not, you are not doing your part, and I have to ask what you are doing wasting your time reading this… because YOU are what you’ve been waiting for, not us!

Stated in more practical terms… if you are waiting for someone else to pave the way so that you can simply move in… you can’t. Occupancy will be first-come, first-serve from among Members, only, and based upon Membership seniority and residency application date, as well. So if you wait until we already have the camp, there is a good chance you can’t simply join and become a resident, at will. You could end up with a long wait, or be required to pay for improvements in order to make room for you.

So, ask yourself just what and who you are waiting for, and decide carefully!

Financially, first glance looks like it would take as few as 12 residents to make it work, and keep individual costs of living below $4-500 a month, each, including food and utilities. The hardest part would be the down payment. If it were through a bank, it would be about $100K. Because the seller is carrying the contract directly, and because the Society may be able to offer tax advantages, we hope to get that down to half, or less, perhaps as low as $25K.


Think about it. If you and 100 other persons were to donate $250… or 1,000 donated $25… or just one donated $25K, we stand a good chance of doing this right away. Just PayPal to to donate. To become a Member is $25, to the same addy. Donations of $250 or more include Membership. Remember, if we don’t get this deal, another one will come along, and if we didn’t get this deal, it was because we weren’t ready… we didn’t have your help. Let’s get ready!

I know you can help with that. And, if intending to apply for residency, please email to the addy to inquire further, as there is a process for approval to make certain the idea is a good idea, and financially and procedurally doable in your precise circumstances. More about all that, here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.18.38 PM


For New Members: Start Here

This is your gateway to information available to Members, only.

Additionally, Members of the Advisory Board may have things only they can access. Below the following directory of Member-only information, find information on this page for new members. Be sure to subscribe to this ‘blog’ so that you get updates when new information is posted, and frequently check the directory, here, for new Member only posts. Note: the Business Plan will be relocated to Member Area once approved by the Advisory Board.

Directory of password protected pages for Members, only:

Reality TV Show Funding Opportunity

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Free Will Society Business Plan (in development)


Message from the founder, H. Michael Sweeney

Welcome to the most important and one of the most exclusive memberships in the World, today. Unfortunately, we don’t want that kind of exclusivity (being a targeted INDIVIDUAL, or being driven to support those who are)… or for being a hyper-electrosensitive person or a homeless Veteran. Important, because without the Society’s Free Will Haven project, the likelihood of escaping targeting or electrosensitivity or homelessness, and being able to once more be an ordinary PERSON, is virtually nil, or at least difficult and beyond the horizon.

In the many hundreds of instances where I’ve been in a position to directly consult with and attempt to help people who were targeted in some way, it is extremely troubling that while virtually all reported their situation was made much better by such helps, only a handful were in a specific situation which enabled total escape. In my living among the homeless as one of their kindred for three years, and working closely with the Veteran’s Administrations programs, I can tell you that system is overloaded, and not every Veteran qualifies for the limited forms of solutions they can offer. I, myself, for instance, could not be placed in a home, at all, and it took at least two years for any of the Veterans who were placed, even more for others.

The Free Will Haven project is the only means of escape which appears to work for virtually all stalking victims who seek to employ it, based on actual field testing. One hundred percent of targeting ceased immediately, and for long term. Participants could not possibly express how beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing, that experience was, for them. And that includes me, by the way; the closest I can come to expressing it, is to say it was such a pure sense of freedom, that I found myself smiling, singing, and/or dancing at the slightest of provocation, EVERY SINGLE DAY, even to include those days where NORMAL life’s problems were attempting to make me miserable (i.e., power failure for more than a day and a simultaneous water leak/flood in mid winter).

That, is called happiness, and it exists best when one’s free will is in tact and employed freely.

The Society wants that for everyone who would apply, and to help address their unique needs. Anything and everything you, as a Member, can do to help the project along, is extremely important to that goal, even if you do not seek residency for yourself. We can help, over time, hundreds to tens of thousands to break free, before we are done. If you are such a victim, as opposed to a supporter, we would hope that would be true of you, if you would simply apply to be a resident at the appropriate time (once we are engaged in the purchase of a site). And the good news is, the things you can do are extremely easy and not terribly time consuming. This post is designed to tell you how to get the most out of your Membership, and to best help promote the project toward fruition.

  1. FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE, and actually Participate: we want your ideas, concerns, opinions, and questions. First, by following this wordpress blog, you will be kept informed as new material is posted or updated. When that happens, it is in your own best interests to check it out, and interact when appropriate. Second, by reading the entire site, at least a page or so at a time. Not everything you read will necessarily be ‘perfect’ to your way of thinking, or it might raise a question or point not addressed. Please LET US ALL KNOW, or we cannot give due attention to the matter — but also, make sure you’ve read everything on the site before raising the question, as the topic may already have been covered;
  2. EVANGELIZE: you should be telling everyone you know about the Society and the project, and urging them to join or contribute funding. There are many ways this can be done; through your mailing list, your social networks, and in person to friends, family, neighbors, fellow church members, and coworkers. There is also a handy bulletin board promotional tool you can print out, and put up anywhere there is such a board; public places, dorms, at work, etc. Remember in evangelism efforts, however, that we want to keep the message as simple as possible; the Free Will Society is seeking to establish a low-cost, self-sustaining, safe and secure hospice for stalking victims, sufferers of electro-hypersensitivity, and homeless Veterans based on the RV and Tiny Home lifestyle in a deeply rural intentional community. Nothing more, nothing less;
  3. DONATE: there are many ways you can donate. We have a gofundme, where any contribution, no matter how small, is beneficial. Frankly, it is a failed effort, and needs to be revitalized. Making a regular donation of just $5 a month or weekly, is far better than a $20 donation all at once… in terms of revitalizing the campaign and making it more ‘alive.’ And, in like manner, 100 people doing that, is far more valuable than one person donating $2,000 – not that we would discourage such donations. But also, urge others to donate, as well.
  4. OPTIONAL: for some Members, you may wish to approach the public relations managers of the firms where you work, or where you have strong relationships as a client or perhaps as a supplier contact… to see if they would like to become a sponsor of the Society. There are many paths for sponsorship. It might mean that they donate money or products/services towards our goals in exchange for the tax benefits and promotional value. Or, it may be limited to a promotional partnership through advertising the Sponsorship’s existence, perhaps tied to sales offers or a contest. Please suggest to them they might wish to contact me at to discuss the possibilities.

But should you happen to win the lottery or something, and wish to make a seriously large donation, DON’T. Instead, contact me directly ( and let us discuss it, FIRST. There are two additional matters which can increase the value to you for doing so, including giving you a greater voice in how the money is spent, and a means of holding the Society to account in its use.

That’s it: three simple things

If you have a stronger desire, there are ‘hero’ level participation opportunities, as well. In fact, it is possible for you to create your own, essentially out of creativity. For example, you might have a valuable resource you could donate, or considerable expertise. I and one other Member, for instance, donate 100% of our ebook sales, between us something like 9 titles. Not the ‘profit,’ but the entire purchase amt. We need land, of course, but even if your land is not suitable, it could perhaps be used as additional collateral in a way which still allows you to retain Title, enabling the Society to purchase land on contract, when we otherwise might have zero credit potential with a seller or finance institution.

Once we have established a site, we will need all manner of items you may wish to consider donating, or otherwise making available, while retaining ownership: farming equipment, heavy tools (e.g., table saws, welders, kilns, etc.) and equipment (i.e., backhoes, riding mowers, chainsaws, cats, etc.), sporting goods, exercise equipment, building materials, and differing kinds of vehicles (buss, 4×4 vehicles, ATVs, trucks of almost any kind, including pickups, boat, etc.) We will need livestock and equipment which serves their needs. Perhaps, and especially if you have associated skills in terms of use, it would be better if you simply made them available for rent or as part of services you provide in the form of cottage industry, to augment or provide an income. In any event, knowing of their existence and availability at the soonest date possible, will be of value for planning purposes, not just for the Society, but for you, as well.

Again, therefore, such forms of donation should be discussed, first, in order to review all ways it might be done which benefit you, and address your needs and wishes, foremost.

One last point, however

Be alert: I am aware of at least one person who attempted to gain Membership in order to sabotage. I assure you, sabotage is not something we need fear, in so far as internal operations are concerned. However, this person was actively working to sabotage Member attitudes through the usual methods employed in targeting: disinformation, spreading of rumors and distrust, and divide and conquer tactics. The well was indeed soured before the poison floated to the top.

PLEASE, report any and all negative comments you may encounter anywhere on the Web, or elsewhere, regarding me or the Society, and let’s get them out into the open and deal with it. Certainly, no member should engage in rumor mongering, internally.

Only cowards and evil people do such things in secrecy, and only someone with something to hide would be unwilling to confront them head on. Only a fool and a dupe would participate in like manner, without bringing the matter into the open for discussion. That is exactly how McCarthyism got started, and how Internment of the Japanese came into being; no one stood up for what was right, and dared confront the issues openly. That is exactly how some perps achieve sabotage of personal relationships and resources stalking victims otherwise rely upon for help. Don’t get caught up in that game, making you thrice the victim; victim of it as a stalking victim, victim of it a second time from being used upon you in FWS contact, and victim a third time should it cause damage to the Society’s efforts.

A Day in One’s Life at FWH

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The obvious question

More than anything else, perhaps, this post can be described as a Free Will Society treatise on the subject of Free Will, and what life is like when one is not living in dread that stalking or other targeting is going to take place, or dealing with the pain of high levels of RF/EMF energy assaulting the body. In like manner, the cares of modern society and the obligations of such existence are also largely swept away. This leaves one very simple, but extremely important unanswered question: what will you do, instead, with your time; what will life be like, then? Let’s answer that!

Life does go on… but it is vastly different in almost every way, thankfully.


Click to visit, a remarkable collection of material on lifestyles.

But this post is specifically intended to relate the intended style of life at Free Will Haven, once fully established in the ideal form. It offers a glimpse into the tiny home/RV lifestyle one can reasonably expect as a resident at FWH (image: It is based on the assumption that we achieve enough Members and donations to illustrate to investors that we ‘have a stakeholder position invested in our own future, one worthy of investors additionally risking several million dollars of their own.’ Cash of this sort is critical, because neither the Free Will Society nor any TI member is going to be able to go to a bank for a mortgage; we will need purchase outright. Therefore, the term Stakeholder is extremely important:

stakeholdersA Stakeholder is someone who has a vested interest in (something) succeeding based on an investment in dollars… and/or in sweat equity (time and energy)… and illustrates thereby a strong intention to carry through in order to protect their personal investment, regardless of its form. For the Free Will Society, in the eyes of investors, that translates to perhaps 100 Members or more (not all necessarily intending residency — supportive Members are equally important — a Member does not even need to be a stalking victim.) It also means that we achieve several thousands of dollars in contributions of our own funds to illustrate clear intentions as proactive ‘stakeholders’ in our own future.

This is absolutely as it should be; we cannot expect something for nothing. Who would give a bum $1000 or more without assurances it would be used to better their circumstances… far more likely if they could show they had been saving towards that end, themselves, and had a few hundred set aside of their own, a little each month.

It is also presented in the assumption that such investment and availability of excellent for-sale properties conspire with serendipity to allow selection of a ‘perfect property’ rich with key features. Each week, this writer personally reviews several dozens of new listings looking for just that. There seems to be a remarkable variety of really excellent properties, many of which offer a Chinese Menu of features and benefits which render them ‘perfect’ in terms of privacy, security, and lending themselves usefully to an intentional community’s needs, generally defined by this writing. One must look with a ‘vision’ which foresees possible improvements to enhance even further.

This all has to fit into a budget, of course, yet to be determined based on the precise property selected from among those available at the time… a budget which must address not just the purchase price, but also, needed improvements and remodeling for the purpose. This writing is a dream shopping list of such features as may result, and it is quite likely that between budget and offerings, there will be some compromises. Still… over time, compromises can be overcome with additional funding and joint effort. For this cause, the general purchase price range being considered is .5 to $1.5M, give or take. The less the property costs, the more money there will remain for improvements.

The story here also includes the unrealistic circumstance where the ‘you’ in the story does or at least considers to do virtually everything in one day which could possibly be done, whereas many things illustrated would not be done ‘every day,’ and would be tied to evolving circumstances, needs, and certainly, Free Will election. It will therefore also show alternatives, because the variety of key features found in various tiny home and RV designs, as well as the financial, age, and health variances between individuals, will differ significantly — not to mention the wide variety in interests, skill sets, and experiential backgrounds.

Some residences might have full kitchens and bathrooms, others will not, for instance. Regardless, we will describe such as your “home” in the narrative. Some residents might be very active, and others not, due to health, handicaps, or simple choice. And, obviously, the order of daily events can vary greatly in real life; this is an arbitrary fictional construct of just one such possibility, with no importance in event order intended. After all, Free Will is about CHOICE, above all else.

Note: all images herein are from the Web, and do not represent a particular site and do not, we must hope, depict stalking victims.


Your eyes open to the light of another new day…

You wake from the night’s sleep and realize it is yet another day where you could have slept in because you had no duties or time schedule to worry about… no job to be late for, no appointment to keep, and nothing urgent to trouble you. The day is yours, alone, to live as you wish. But you do have things you want to do, and so you stand, yawn, stretch, and start making plans in your mind as to the first things you might like to accomplish.


You’re early. Come back in an hour!

You do your morning business, either using your own facilities, or one of the several public bathrooms in the main house, now the Community Center (CC), some with bathtubs or showers, or both. You decide if you want to fix your own breakfast in your home, are take part in a community breakfast being offered at the CC. Each day, volunteers prepare one of the three community meals with a hot-line self-serve. All you need to do is to pay the assessed costs. The volunteers, of course, get to eat free not just the meal they prepared, but all meals for the day.

Before leaving the CC, you go to the Day Desk to check the daily event schedule to see if there is anything special going on that interests you, or if there are changes to scheduled events you were planning on being participant. You note with satisfaction that the evening’s Seminar being held in the CC’s Meeting Room is yet another the continuing educational series on privacy and security matters, and it reminds you that your Sister was coming to visit and to stay the night so she could also attend, with you.

So while at the Desk, you ask to make a phone call to confirm with your Sister that she is coming, and intending to stay. If she is, you may want to confirm with the Desk that one of the several private bedrooms, or a bunk in the women’s Bunk Room is still reserved… unless, of course, she was going to stay with you. The Day Desk offers a land line, but also maintains resident cell phones for those residents who are hyper-electro sensitive. Residents can check them out when needed, check for messages, and so forth.


Be sure to wait after eating before you swim!

You also review the weather report for today and tomorrow, and look at tomorrow’s schedule to mentally plan the day’s activities in which you and your Sister might partake. You take note that the swimming pool and sauna are not only open, but that there is in fact a Pool Party being held into the night, there. That sounds good, so you sign up and buy two tickets to cover the costs of snacks and drinks involved.

train-the-train-john-frankenheimer-1964-L-zxBZdSYou also note that the film to be shown in the Entertainment Room that night, with college-style film study lecture, is Director John Frankenheimer’s 1964 classic WWII action film, The Train, staring Burt Lancaster… and you remember he was one of your Sister’s favorite actors from the prior Century. No worry, the pool party tickets are good for any such party, should Sis decide she would rather watch the film… though you could squeeze both in, if you left the party a bit early.

While at the Desk, you also check the Work Detail Roster to see if there is anything you would like to do, today, that you have not already signed up for, earlier. There are several things on the list, mostly things you would not be interested in doing or know how to do… though you keep promising yourself you would expand your skill sets by volunteering for the free training the effort represents. You do see that there is another new Tiny Home under construction and the home’s future resident is asking for volunteers with ‘hammer-and-nail’ or better skills, and since you knew the owner from online connections, you decide you will check it out, and perhaps join in, if it looks fun and more help can be used. You can at least wish them well.

Knowing you would be visiting the Desk, you had brought and now return the book you had borrowed from the Library, stocked with all the books contributed by all residents. The attendant thanks you and asks how you liked it, and after a dialog about the religious aspects of the story line, asks you if you will be attending the Bible Study class next Sunday, and its attendant informal services. You tell her you will think about it, knowing there is always room for one more.


What? No Halo? It’s on the shelf!

You make your way to the rear exit to head for and check out the tiny home project, and pass the Media Room, noting that even this early in the day, there are people playing computer games or using the online access facilities. The game systems are set up for multiplayer games as well as single player, with all the popular systems and titles. Residents can bring their notebooks or use the systems already in place, at no charge… or they can choose to pay for their own utility services direct to their home, if that home is away from the hyper-electrosensitive homes, which have their own area somewhat isolated from all others. In that spirit, the Media Room is fully shielded.

As you leave the CC, you bump into the resident Medical Advisor, a retired RN, who asks after your prior complaint about muscle cramps, to see if you had gotten good results from advice to use the Exercise Room, as suggested, or if you had perhaps elected to make regular use of the properties many trails, instead. You confirm that you did both, and joked that you were feeling quite limber, once getting over a ‘sore butt from the Horse ride.’ This reminded you that your Sister might enjoy a tour of the many trails leading through the 100 Acre property, some offering remarkable views worthy of memorable picture taking.


Fat Tire bikes are easier to peddle in sand, soft dirt, leaves, gravel and pebbles, etc., and softer on the tush, doing it.

You would let her decide if she would rather take a mountain bike, an electric fat-tire bike, one of the ATV’s, a Horse ride, or simply to hike on foot. There were several miles of trails, some devoted to multiple use, some dedicated to select use, so that hikers need not worry about Horses or ATVs. Some were easy, some more adventurous. You could take one of the air horns to call for help in case you got lost or needed assistance… help just moments away, made easier by letting the Desk know your planned route along the well-marked trails. Personally, you like the bikes, because they tended not to scare away the wildlife, giving you a chance to avoid frightening off the wild game, varieties of birds, and other animals you liked to watch and photograph. Those, you would take with you to the monthly photography class for critiquing.


Most sites tend to have abundant wildlife, some have their own ‘fishing holes,’ or are near rivers and lakes which do.

That thought reminded you about the gun and archery range, and the hunting and fishing on the property. While you reasoned your Sister would not be interested in any of that, you had been promising yourself to learn to safely handle and shoot firearms with some skill… and to perhaps learn to fish. The stocked ‘lake,’ an oversized pond complete with dock and boat, looked like an appealing way to spend time ‘shopping’ for dinner. Perhaps today would be the day… an adventure to share with your Sister. But using one of the hunting blinds to shoot game, either with a gun or a sports bow just didn’t seem your cup of tea. But you had to admit that the meals served based on Venison or Catfish were treats you appreciated.


You can impact on your own as well as the community’s self-sustainability, save money, and enjoy doing it!

Continuing on, you walked past the path to the garden plots. Those nearest were the private plots, for those inclined to grow their own food, flowers, and other plants. You detoured, wanting to check on your Tomatoes, which should be ripe with first fruits any day, now. They were starting to turn, but not quite ready to pick, so you decided instead on just plucking a brazen weed start from its assault on your rich and carefully tended soil. Beyond lay the Community Plot, and there, someone was using the tractor to furrow another section of land to increase the community’s production capacity, because there was not only more residents of late interested in getting their produce from the Community instead of stores in town… but because the surplus was easy to wholesale. A portion of the profits went to the community, the bulk however being shared among those who helped grow the crops… as was the food produced, itself.


Nature’s lawn mowers and weed eaters.

In another plot of land, hay was being grown to feed the cows that produced milk, and grass for the Horses and Goats. Of course, the Cows and Goats provided milk and home-made butter and cheeses, as well. Between that and hunting and fishing right on the property, the cost of produce was significantly reduced, while providing extreme freshness and quality control. Still, one might prefer store bought; some people have simply gotten so used to canned and frozen that they just don’t seem to like ‘fresh.’

Continuing on your way, you wind down the path to where the new home is being built, and you see they have already laid the flooring down, and are just raising the first wall. It looks like there are plenty of helpers, so you simply gawk and play the roll of sidewalk superintendant for a while, chatting and joking with those toiling away, and loving it. Your friend, strangely, is not there. Asking, you learn that she had gone to the Community Store to buy a couple of six packs of cold drinks to pass around.


Is that a bus, or someone’s tiny home? Yes!

The Store is stocked with ‘emergency’ supplies of foodstuffs that one simply cannot do without on the spur of the moment, but which are not worth the trip into town, by themselves. These are marked up 5% over cost, so it is definitely cheaper in town, but less expensive than the gas and time to go to town. An older baby-sized school bus makes two weekly runs into town for more economical purchasing from a series of popular destination stores from the Dollar Store to Wallmart, and other locations. A car is also available for smaller shopping groups, but residents are free to use their own vehicle, as well, if inclined to own one. These vehicles are also pressed into service to take in first-run movies or other local events, such as Day Trips to nearby National Parks, Museums, County Fairs, and the like.

drone.jpegYou decide not to wait in the Sun, now high enough and warm enough that you wish you had thought to wear a hat. Looking up, to guage its position, you catch a glimpse of one of the security drones making its way from the CC where it had just been launched, to make another of the regular patrols of the property perimeter. Volunteers run the drones through several ‘paths’ determined to provide good coverage, both at tree top level, and through the trees below the branches to better see any interlopers. Any detected breach of security and an alarm is sounded, resulting in immediate confrontation and threats of arrest and prosecution.


How about best 2 out of three for a Soda?

You head back to home to escape the Sun, only to find your neighbor knocking on your door. A new friend, he wonders if you would like to join him at the Game Pit, an outdoor area shaded by tall trees most of the time, where there were various games to play; Horseshoes, Shuffleboard, Tetherball, Badminton, and so forth. There is also an open area suitable for team action sports. You advised him that indoor games… strategy board games, were more your speed, such as Chess, Go, or Monopoly. He complained he had never learned Chess, and so, you offer to teach him, but instead of heading for the Game Room at the CC, you invite him inside; you have your own set, and a nice one, at that.


Well, it won’t be the Grand Canyon!

After a few enjoyable hours, he retires having seen no hope of winning a game with you, resulting in apologies being traded. As he leaves, you notice the shadows outside indicate the Sun is nearing the right angle for that Cottage Industry hobby you had decided to give a try. Having an interest in oil painting, and not being half bad, you decided to try to paint scenic vistas you could sell at the local bazaar. You quickly gather up your paint kit and the canvas you had already started, and make your way to the Utility Shed to get one of the three-wheeled electric bikes with a cargo box. After loading it up, you take the trail to the highest point on the property which gives a great view of the (Lake? Valley? Mountains? All of the above?), and set up to finish the painting, now that the light is the same as it was, when you last painted.

You had already managed to sell two small pieces and one large one, earning nearly $400, almost enough to pay for a Month’s living at Free Will Haven. But you are setting all such money aside, thinking about buying materials for your own tiny home, so you can then rent your trailer to a new resident unable to afford to purchase one of their own… yet more income toward the day when you might choose to leave FWH under a new identity, and reengage with society at large somewhere else… perhaps even in another country.

The new identity might not be needed, but it sounded like a good way to insure stalkers did not accidentally reacquire you, and the Free Will Society was teaching how to do it safely, and legally. It was amazing what one could learn from the various seminars held at FWH. And if you changed your mind, well, it would be your prerogative… in which case a series of vacation travel plans seemed like a pretty good idea to save for, too.

You painted until the Sun got too low, and headed back, thinking one more day like that one, and the painting would be done. When returning the bike, the volunteer said he was glad to get it back… a group of three people wanted to go to the FWH preprepared camp site with tents and spend the night in Mother Nature, under the stars, and do all that “Marshmallows-on-a-stick-over a-campfire-with-scary-stories-and-camp-songs, stuff.” When you heard who was going, you wondered if you might go along.

What do you mean, you didn’t bring the wine?

It turned out that self-inviting was graciously accepted, and so, you grabbed your sleeping bag, it being advised there was room in the tent for another person. You had just enough time to fetch it, along with your guitar, and return to check out another bike for the night. One of the guys was bringing some frozen fish he had caught earlier that week, which would be ready to cook once they were thawed, by morning. Stars overhead, music and song in the air, toasted Marshmallows in the tummy, stories to tell, and fresh fried Trout in the morning… what more could one want?

Another day and night like that, we might hope.


Another what if question

The only thing missing in the above, is YOU. Frankly, people have been shuffling their feet about joining the Free Will Society, and especially, contributing towards it. Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the statistics which will show the investors we do indeed have that stakeholder position… they will walk. We may be too late to prevent them walking, in fact. However, that does not change too much.

There are indeed far less expensive properties available, sites which do not need a million dollars. True, at the reduced prices, we would do without the niceties like exercise rooms, a suite of vehicular solutions, swimming pools, and might have to do some remodeling or make improvements to the site, ourself. But that is still quite doable… as long as we have a site to start with.

The original gofundme was for a specific site which was a rare and ideal find for 6 or so people, all set in fact for RV occupancy at about that level, for about $140K. That opportunity is long gone, but for less than twice that number, there are many good sites for perhaps a dozen persons which can be rendered suitable with a bit of effort. So, even if the investors do end up walking, our own stakeholder position should in time prove adequate to move forward, regardless. And, in time, we can add those missing things, one item at a time.


The only thing missing in this picture, is YOU.

The faster you elect to join and donate, the more likely will it be that moving forward will be sooner, far better in style, and easier for all concerned. We are ready, are you?






Financial Aid for Residency?

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Intended to be affordable, but free would be even better!

The entire intent of the Free Will Haven project, other than the safe and secure part, is to be affordable… down right cheap in terms of cost of living. That’s where the self-sufficient aspect comes into play, as well, trying to find ways to reduce utilities and food costs, and provide offsetting income streams, such as with cottage industry — where individuals can provide an income for themselves without having to go find a job and hope their stalking does not follow them, there. Cottage Industry can also apply to the entire collective, such as (but not limited to) selling of excess crops raised. That also lowers costs for everyone.

The other big reduction in cost of living is, of course, reliance upon tiny homes or RV lifestyles. Instead of $300K or more for an actual home and additional costs to furnish and upkeep, one could spend perhaps as littles as $10K for a used motor home or similar, and the cost of building a tiny home is not that much different at the low end of the spectrum.  Like all such things, one could easily spend more, and by and large, get what they paid for. But many stalking victims find even those costs extreme.

The really big reduction, however, is the cost of ‘rent.’ As a non profit cooperative of sorts, sharing overhead expenses should allow the out of pocket to remain in the range of $250 a month, or less, for the resident’s share. If you add $200 a month for food (one person) and say, $100 a month for utilities (average electricity should be a little below that except in winter, when it should be a little above)… you are looking at a final cost of living of less than $600 a month, or less, depending on if buying all your food at the store, or participating in sharing of food grown (or shot, fished) on site. And we will likely have access to good fishing and hunting for those who have a mind.

iu-1.jpegStill, this can all be a financial hurdle for many stalking victims. And even if not, it is wise to have a savings account that grows to cover emergencies, and for simply doing things which make life fun, again. Targeting can often include dirty tricks to sabotage incomes and cause unexpected expenses, and so, few stalking victims have any savings to start with. Such tricks can include sabotage of one’s employment, or result in significant risks to the notion of considering to apply for and hold a job, ongoing. Finally, not every stalking victim has a reliable fixed income they could take with them if relocating to Free Will Haven. Not to worry…


Financial help is in works

There is a plan in works which would allow Members of the Free Will Society who wanted to become residents, but who did not have sufficient funds or credit power to leverage their way into residency, and for the matter, may worry about meeting even $600 a month in obligations — to get very useful help. Details of the plan are not for public consumption until third-party investors have had their say, at which time, specifics will also be known. It will certainly be on a first-come, first-served basis, so earliest Membership and residency application will be important, if to assure eligibility to apply for participation in this program.

What is expected, is that approved applicants could expect significant financial help to offset the initial cost of relocation and securing of a living space (tiny home or RV), PLUS a monthly stipend in EXCESS of $600 a month for a period of time to be determined. That means an income level capable of building a savings, and that is in addition to any other income the resident may have, including cottage industry. The program will require some level of stakeholder participation or effort in assuring the success of the Free Will Haven project, but could not be described as ‘work’ or employment, and would be both minimal and somewhat random in nature. Most would describe it as fun, or at the very least, interesting activity.

The length of such stakeholder participation is, to some extent, something which could be short term, or longer, at the mutual agreement between the resident and the investor’s group in well-defined terms well before the resident decides to participate, or not; an offer is made, and negotiations may be possible. The length of such participation would be the same as the length of time that the stipend payments would continue. This period could be as short as a few months, to several years, potentially. At the end of the resident’s participation, the stipend would cease, and the living space would then remain yours to keep, sell, or rent, as you wished.

It is wise to offer a disclaimer: the above description is based on expectations which may or may not bear out in any final factual detail. What is known, however, is that applicants will have that upfront opportunity to make a case for a better outcome, than a lesser one.


A 2nd way: anyone can can sponsor a victim

In addition to the above program, the Free Will Society will encourage charitable donations on a sponsor subscription basis. If anyone would care to make a monthly PayPal donation of $20 or more, it can be earmarked for sponsoring a financially limited resident, one who either chooses not to participate in the above described program, or who was unable to qualify, credited to such an individual based on the greatest need.  No more than $500 a month will be allowed to an individual under this program, so a sponsorship sum greater than that amount will be divided accordingly, to help as many persons as possible. Sponsors will receive letters on a regular basis from those they help in this way.

Long Term: the Greater Vision

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Not just a home… also a launch pad

Free Will Haven was always intended in the original vision to be much more than a badly needed safe and secure hospice/retreat, short or long term, for stalking victims, targeted persons, and sufferers of hyper-electrosensitivity.  There are several other goals which it can easily accommodate if the right property and funding is achieved. In fact, some of them actually generate funding. All of them serve the cause and best interests of residents, and even non residents of like circumstances, as they. Here is a brief run down of things planned.


A covert SWAT team of trained and lawfully apt professional investigators armed with high-tech (and costly) TSCM gear (Technical Security Countermeasures). TSCM is an important part of the security of Free Will Haven, itself… to help defend against any insurgent RF/EMF signals which might threaten residents. Founder H. Michael Sweeney already has a very capable TSCM equipment set, along with other tools for enhancing security and privacy suitable for early FWH needs. But imagine a van full of top-notch gear and a staff able to quietly slip into any city and covertly investigate, detect, monitor and document any illegal or malfunctioning RF/EMF sources in excess of allowable limits, as well as who is associated with them, and who suffers as result. Such a team would well able to give useful testimony to authorities or in court.

It would be an expensive proposition to field, initially, as good TSCM gear alone could easily cost $1M, if to have no limitations as to what it could detect and log. To dispatch a team of experts with a van to a remote location would have its own significant price tag. A complete TSCM scan can easily cost $50K per site cleared, and associated private investigations of suspect parties which might result could cost similar sums for each party investigated. A complete security check for a single incident might involve multiple sites (i.e., home, work, school), and investigations of multiple persons, firms, or organizations.

But, the good news is, any legal aftermath in court which might result could more than cover those costs. Enough of such judgment awards would come back to FWS to fund additional adventures, the rest rightfully going to victims. More than that, imagine the shattering headlines which would quickly educate the World about the reality of such targeting, and their horrors. They would represent remarkable events capable of shaking the foundations everywhere, from the nation’s Capitol and law enforcement to the medical and psychiatric communities, and more… with World-wide impact.

Just a sub sector of concern; RF/EMF smog from cellular and wi fi systems (esp. 5G), and smart meters, could result in class action lawsuits worth hundreds of millions of dollars. That would be enough to open new Free Will Haven counterparts all over the country… even the World. For that to work, the SWAT team would need to be dispatched to a community only when there were multiple sufferers in the same area, in order to build a useful class action scenario, and to give relief to the greatest number of people. The good news is that, the greater plan also includes a means to fund this goal, as described further down the page.

Centralized service center

Key to self sufficiency and low cost of living in a tiny home and RV lifestyle would be centralized services. It is very common in community living situations to have at least one building dedicated to such services. There, one might find a laundry, library, swimming pool, sauna, exercise room, a meeting room, or even a small store, and some form of limited medical/health care support. That all makes a good deal of sense, when you consider that tiny living means space is at a premium, and travel expenses to town (targeted to be 30-40 minutes travel time, or less).

The FWS game plan calls for selecting a working farm or ranch type of property. That means it will have at least one home, and several outbuildings of various sorts, typically to include storage and workshops, if not barns, livestock facilities, etc. The home would be rendered into the primary central service center, and as many such services as can be provided, will, and more so, over time. That would ideally include a small store. But one more thing, as well…

An Educational Center

Imagine the meeting area becoming a classroom or presentation stage for seminars and training functions. Not just for residents, but anyone willing to travel for the purpose of learning defensive and offensive tactics against stalkers, etc. Most properties thus far considered by FWS as FWH possible locations feature multiple bedrooms… as many as 9. Some offer bunkhouses which alone could handle as many. Therefore, the Educational Center could also act as a hotel. Again, this is a revenue source, not just for the room and board, but from event attendance receipts, as well. And, of course, it doubles as a ‘town hall’ and meeting room for residents use, as needed.

H. Michael Sweeney was previously the only person known anywhere in the World who regularly made himself available to get involved in and to aid targeted persons across the board. While there are people who specialize in this or that area of expertise within the greater targeting picture, he was the only one seemingly able to address the full spectrum. Now that he is retired, he would hope to use such a center to ‘clone himself’ by teaching others how to offer such helps. This would be especially valuable if they were from other countries, as such problems are a World-wide problem.

Central resources as a layer of protection

To help reduce the RF/EMF smog and signal levels, residents should expect some subtle differences in life style which may, at first, seem imposing, but need not be. FWH would discourage individual use of Internet and cellular services at the site. Cell phones can be owned, but they would be stored in a central location for access, as needed. Stalking victims and hyper-electrosensitivity sufferers should likely not be entertaining the notion of a lot of phone conversations with persons outside of FWH on a daily basis; it weakens personal security and wellbeing. Someone can monitor phones for incoming calls and to keep them charged, and notify the owner if a call came in. Phones can be checked out for trips into town, or other events.

Likewise, residents should not employ web access via wi-fi routers, and would be discouraged from using computers in their homes, at all. That is both as a security/wellbeing issue, and a cost savings issue. As reminder, all such systems are frequently used as targeting gateways by stalkers. Therefore, a centralized computing area with shielded computers and a hard-wired (not wi fi) network would be made available, along with some public-use computers, and connection ports for your own laptops. Likewise for a gaming systems. In addition, the property we select will be large enough to support multiple living areas, such that hyper-electrosensitivity sufferers can be well away from others, and from such electronics. We would intend to experiment with various low wattage low-band walkie talkies and wired loudspeaker systems to facilitate site-wide communications without sacrificing RF/EMF protections.

Cottage industry

Many persons who might like to become a resident at FWH do not have the luxury of an income to cover the cost of living unless they can also hold down a job, somewhere. Not a great idea for stalking victims, or when a commute is at some distance. While it is foreseen that there may actually be some employment opportunities at FWH which would cover the low cost of residency (H. Michael Sweeney is living well on $600 a month, and that figure could be reduced with centralized services), there would still be persons in need who could not so participate. And, the Society feels that every resident should not simply be living within their means, but SAVING money for emergencies and for enjoying life… actual exercise of their new found Free Will life style.

Therefore, one use of the central facilities will be to encourage and support cottage industry… things residents can do working from their homes and/or central facilities to earn extra income… even superlative income, under the right circumstances. That would include organized cooperative ventures on behalf of FWH, itself; products or services which can be marketed locally… which may additionally include individual residents’ products and services, as well.

One such cottage industry planned, if actualized, would actually be ‘big business,’ one capable of generating millions in revenue, and would be set up in such a way that it could literally pay residents entire cost to relocate and stay at FWS, and an income, as well, should they elect to participate. That will be discussed further in the Members only section of this site, and is password protected.


Residents may certainly choose to bring or locally acquire a personal vehicle. However, to help reduce costs, we envision having a number of vehicles available for shopping trips, and local use at the site, which will be quite large in acreage and laced with trails and paths to explore, or to link areas of use. Think of FWH as a ‘company’ with company vehicles for ‘staff’ use; electric bikes which can also be peddled, all-terrain vehicles for recreation and ‘working the farm,’ a small multi-passenger bus or van, a couple of cars, a pickup truck or jeep with 4WD for snow/mud issues and other emergencies, a flat bed truck  — would represent the ideal. Perhaps even a pumper water truck for quicker fire fighting response.

The cottage industry idea discussed in the Member area would fund all of that, and perhaps even a boat… as many sites are located near or on lakes an rivers, or have their own private lakes, usually stocked with sports fish, some with docks or boats, ready to go. The tool shed should be well stocked with hand and power tools, all the way up to a farm tractor with multiple implements, often included with the purchase of the property. Many properties being considered have harvestable timber we could log, ourselves, and there are now small-scale sawmill systems which could allow us to make our own wood products for construction of tiny homes.

The sky is the limit… though tied to funding limitations. Your membership, and your donation now, today, will help make us seem more viable and attractive to those able to fund that Member Area cottage industry idea, and make FWH the ultimate solution to stalking, etc. They will judge our viability by the number of Members we have, and the sum of money we are able to raise on our own.