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Homeless Vets, and Vets looking to escape the madness of society at large…

The Free Will Society hopes to work with homeless and even non-homeless Veterans two different ways, principally because Mr. Sweeney was himself a homeless Veteran (USAF) for three years, and knows first-hand all-too-well the problems they face. Preppers are a natural extension of Veterans in many respects, quite often themselves Veterans, or sharing many common belief structures, needs, and interests. The Society has two ways they may participate, as well, and homeless Vets are free to pursue their options, too, to enhance their position.

iurThe Veteran’s administration offers a local representative on a County by County basis pretty much everywhere in the US, to help homeless Vets to become homed. This normally takes rather some months, first qualifying the Veteran for such helps, and then seeking to find a place where the VA can, in effect, subsidize or perhaps even completely cover the cost of an apartment solution. Every veteran should either use the Web to make contact with the VA in their area, or simply dial 211 on their phone and describe their intentions. The 211 operator will then provide a direct phone number to the appropriate person. There is also a nation-wide number (image).

iu-12.jpegMr. Sweeney, while homeless, worked with the VA to obtain homes for several homeless veterans with whom he became associated while himself a part of that unfortunate group. He, himself, was not eligible for help, as he was living in a Motor Home, and the VCA has no program to help obtain spaces to rent for such homes. The Society is endeavoring to find a way to provide to the VA an alternative means to home Veterans at Free Will Haven, using tiny homes built for them by other Vets already on site. Once built, and available for ‘rent,’ they should become eligible for the VA program. The other way, of course, is to simply join and become a resident through one’s own existing income/resources, without VA assistance: the cost of living is so low, that a VA subsidy may not be needed… typically around $500 a month including food and utilities.

Preppers — and the symbiotic relationship of all parties…

iu-13Preppers, on the other hand, may desire to set up a ‘go-to’ destination as a contingency WTSHTF solution, using Free Will Society as a kind of forward (future) base. Such a base could also serve as a kind of retreat or vacation get-away site, or even become their regular ongoing residence. Since most Veterans have some degree of prepper or survival skills, it is natural that the two should pair, and ideally, grow the communities own prepper stance… one suitable to protect the entire Free Will Haven population. This becomes the first of two basis for a symbiotic relationship between Vets and Preppers with the other group at FWH, the stalking victims.

The second basis is that the former can serve as a natural security force should interlopers threaten the victims. It is not expected that should ever be needed, but just knowing such protection exists is extremely valuable to the victims as a psychological and a practical matter. They can also serve as a small volunteer labor force for special projects, such as constructing tiny homes, clearing land, or other manual labors. That is valuable, because many of the those in the victim category are elderly or women without such skills.

Completing the symbiotic relationship, the Victims would share foods, goods, and services from their communities cottage industry and self-sufficiency efforts. That does not mean that Vets and Preppers could not do for themselves, as well, but affords options and diversity which may be greatly appreciated. Finally, among the victims there will be persons with nursing and other healthcare skills, and in fact, the original full implementation of the concept was to have psychological professionals available to conduct both individual and group counseling. Given that many Vets struggle with PTSD or other issues, it is only natural to make that available to them, as well.

Even if you are a Veteran (or prepper) who does not see yourself personally interested in residency, we would hope you would at least join the Society or contribute to its efforts in some useful way. Your voice and support can help shape the final venture into something truly of value to all parties. At the time of this writing, only about 10% of members happen to be Veterans, and only one has any ‘prepper’ in him (H. Michael Sweeney). Let’s do this!

The P.A.L.A.D.I.N.S.

Speaking of doing, preppers and veterans alike should appreciate the Paladins program developed by Mr. Sweeney. It is not an official element of the Society, but logically dove tails with the interests of the two groups… as well as anyone reading this (ANYONE), and any logical-minded person NOT reading it (yet). The PALADINS are a very informal but highly organized group of persons who want to survive any SHTF scenario, such as Preppers might worry about.

pal·a·din (păl′ə-dĭn) n.

1. A paragon of chivalry, a heroic champion;
2. A strong supporter or defender of a cause;
3. A member of an organized group of capable defenders against a common foe, such as the 12 peers of Charlemagne’s court.

The PALADINS have no political or ideological basis, as such, and no centrally established hierarchy or command structure; Mr. Sweeney does not control the organization, he only facilitates and encourages its creation and existence. Anyone can join the PALADINS, and become a Paladin, but to do so, they should have a modicum of Prepper or Veteran thinking in them, and ideally, some resources which can be devoted to being prepared.

The group starts with the basic question seen in this image:


Image of armor-suited Paladins from the Fallout series of computer games… but THIS is no game.

The solution and answer to that question is ‘PALADINS.’ To join, one simply emails freewillsociety at protonmail com and provides their zip code. This is entered into a spreadsheet along with the email addy. When others from the same zip code do the same, the email addy are shared between them, once there are three or more. Extended family members living at multiple nearby locations make logical members who should be joining simultaneously. It is then up to the group to decide who among them is the logical ‘leader’ or ‘Commander’ of their group, and to arrange agreed upon emergency communications and response protocols, and notify Mr. Sweeney as to who that person is, and a list of all adjacent zip codes. They may also agree or not agree to consider to participate in any form of activism in community service as a group, or to form or join other formal groups outside of PALADINS.

Next, when two or more adjacent zip codes have thus formed, the Commanders will be put in touch with each other to better coordinate response and any entertained service strategies. This process is mirrored upward City-wide, then County-wide, State-wide, and finally, Nation-wide, with increasing member-count thresholds for contact sharing. Each group, once reaching city or county level (or, perhaps, a dozen members by themselves, give or take), should establish liaison relationships with both the local Sheriff and State Militia units, offering to be available to their needs in emergency situations where added manpower is needed. Direct militia participation may or may not be practical or advisable, but many Sheriff’s are not afraid to deputize citizens for limited duties or simply accept volunteers for non enforcement roles.

This can additionally become a valuable source of intelligence once a trust relationship is established. Another key intelligence tool advised for everyone and anyone is RSOE EDIS, a computer/phone app which provides automatic notification of evolving emergency situations globally, with features to restrict just what types and levels of emergency events are discerned. It is potentially an early warning system as valuable as a Police Scanner, even more so for events portending an expanding crisis. PALADINS consisting of larger groups should link by Short Wave Radio, as well. The basics.

One final piece of the greater solution created by Mr. Sweeney is the Post Apocalyptic Library, a collection of how-to information on a wide variety of survival skills, tips, tricks, and cures for what might ail someone in need. The idea is simple: review the long list of materials and download those which fill in one’s gaps in skills or knowledge, and then PRINT THEM OUT and put them into a go bag… because if the SHTF, the Web will not likely be there to go back and ‘catch up’ after the fact. Or, download them all because you may wish to share information with newbies in a way that does not require personal educational effort on your part.