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Global problem… world-wide solution

If you are a stalking victim in another country and would like to see something like the Free Will Haven intentional community located in your country, this information is for you. While the Free Will Society is ‘small’ in terms of member count, we are uniquely positioned to succeed with a successful implementation of the concept. It would then only be a matter of time before we would be wanting to establish secondary locations, both at home, and abroad.

It is not a matter of competition, or of control, but of cooperation and doing what is right by residents, and what works. If you are a member or leader of an existing organization of at least ten or more targeted persons of like mind, joining with the Free Will Society can only serve to amplify our mutual strength and power, both here, and where you are. We gain by each other’s knowledge base, and numbers. One unique aspect of our situation, a matter which cannot as of yet be made public, could in the end also allow the Society to end up helping to fund and promote actual International Chapters with significant dollars.


Countries where Mr. Sweeney has had contact with and advised stalking victims: China, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Australia, S. Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Bosnia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, U.S., Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina. It is a global problem in need of a World-wide solution.

The Society is more than happy to associate itself with any other group, even to the point of entering an agreement to share the name, where the group is willing to hold to the same goals and ideals. Founder H. Michael Sweeney, with over eight books which touch upon the core topics of stalking and related issues, has more answers to the hard questions than virtually anyone else, anywhere. We urge you to work with us to unify and thereby spread the good that can be done through that unity.

The Society philosophy extends not just to helping those persons who manage to become residents, but to educate those who cannot to non-the-less better their status and reduce their suffering… and to generally educate the public at large, to include government agencies and media houses, and to help stem the targeting tide and reverse the tables. The World needs to come to grips with the tremendous scale the problem represents, and the best way to do that is to spread the message uniformly in the World by a World-wide unified body.

Please consider The Free Will Society as offering the core building blocks and knowledge base needed to do just that, and positioned to help others to do much the same, more quickly, and with fewer mistakes, than simply attempting it on their own. International Membership is only $15 per year, but individuals who pay the normal $25 are also eligible to apply for residency in America’s Free Will Haven. It is, in fact, Mr. Sweeney’s experience in vetting targeted persons which is perhaps the most valuable component of his experiential expertise, with over 20 years in contact with more than 12,000 victims World-wide, many of whom have relied upon him to better their situation.


The only thing missing in this picture, is YOU.

If you are a stalking victim or ‘TI’ who is a member of any manner of formal or informal social group of 10 or more persons of like circumstance or supporters for cause, please contact Mr. Sweeney at, and ask about our program for establishing International Chapters of the Free Will Society.