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Posts listed here are for public consumption. There is also a Membership Only Posting Area. Anyone is free to comment on these posts, but they are moderated and must be approved before appearing. It is NOT a good forum for asking questions which may involve personal situations or information (privacy issue), but all questions will be answered, where possible. A better venue at this time for personal matters would be to contact Mr. Sweeney at proparanoidgroup at gmail com.

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Free Will Haven (an overview)

Long Term: The Greater Vision

Stalking Facts (what it is like)

For Homeless Vets, Preppers, and P.A.L.A.D.I.N.S.

On Becoming A Resident

Who Should Join, Become a Resident

RVs and Tiny Homes for Low-Cost FWH

A Day in One’s Life at FWH

The Importance of Stakeholder Status (and latest property evaluation)

Financial Aid for Residency

Get Help: Contact

Evangelism Tool (an easy way to help)

Now, Even Your Mail is a Stalker’s Weapon