Membership, Volunteers, Corporate Sponsorships, & Donations

Please consider to join and support the Society with Membership, or any of our other programs as outlined, below. Members gain access to additional Web site content and email updates which allows them to stay up to date on the evolution of our projects, and may from time to time participate in polls as to directions they would like the Society to take, or other major decisions. There are various levels of Membership which offer additional benefits. We also have several corporate sponsorship programs, and an International Partnering partnering program which can also be used to partner with other U.S. organizations with parallel interests.

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Membership can be obtained by a PayPal payment to freewillsociety at protonmail (.com).  DON’T HAVE PAYPAL YET? READ THIS: If you care to email a request to Mr. Sweeney, the Society will send you 1¢ by PayPal to your email addy. You simply respond to the link they provide and it leads you through the process, enabling you to then use PayPal to join, or any other purpose. BONUS: PayPal will then additionally send a de facto donation of $10 dollars to the Society!

BENEFITS of Membership: Members who remain current in Membership status enjoy several benefits, and are very important to the success of the effort. VERY important, as was learned the hard way when we failed to interest someone who was willing to consider up to $2M in funding! Without a large number of Members, we would be doomed to failure, unable to show potential large donors/investors/sponsors that we were worth their while. It also impacts our viability in their eyes, as it reflects little or no stakeholder value, which is a fancy way of saying we having risked nothing of our own. Would you part with huge sums of money to help someone unwilling and unable to show they have helped themselves, and have risked none of their own money? Of course not.

So, one benefit of joining is increased assurance of our future success and viability, and the likelihood of meeting our long-term mission statement goals. In summary, these are the establishment of one or more Free Will Haven intentional community locations, establishing training/seminar and other ‘get-away’ weekend events on our own secure FWH sites, and establishing a professional-level mobile TSCM (Technical Security CounterMeasures) strike force able to covertly detect, document, expose and potentially prosecute through the courts, electronic stalking anywhere. But there is also value to Members individually…

Members, and only Members, have the right to apply to become a resident once FWH is established. It also allows more immediate access to our temporary ‘faux’ FWH efforts already underway (one or more locations) which have thus far proven to offer significant reductions or elimination of stalking for several reasons, chiefly due to a more effective ‘watch-each-other’s backs’ facilitation, as well as the availability of local expertise in countering stalkers, to include TSCM capabilities in at least one instance. Our Westport Washington location additionally offers the possibility of very low cost of living which is on par with that intended for FWH, and there are ample local employment opportunities.

Members also receive a password to Member-only pages on this site, which give them much more detail in things going on behind the scenes, including our search for an ideal property, special money-saving sponsor offers, and updates on the affairs unfolding at our temporary locations. Additionally, Members receive emailed updates from time to time with the Founder’s personal take.

Note: see Sponsor examples in the graphics, below. We also hope to facilitate a monthly opportunity for Members to win a TriField EMF/RF meter, and to attend special online seminars on related topics from the Sponsor.

NEW: Soon, Members who wish to do so may submit an anonymous profile of their stalking situation/history, to be accessible only by other Members. Sharing of such information in an organized format (guidelines provided) can prove very helpful to others. A means to anonymously cross communicate by permissions will be facilitated, enabling Members to establish valuable relationships in advance useful once FWH residency becomes possible.

Also NEW: Members can now gain access to Skype or phone in-depth personal privacy/security consultation with Mr. Sweeney at reduced rates which more than cover the cost of Membership. Call for details: 360 268-7090

Regular Membership: $40, renewable annually for $25. Each Member should be willing to commit to promoting the society with everyone they can, seeking to cause at least three more people to join, or three persons to donate. They need not be stalking victims to join, but non victims may find donations simply make more sense, unless donating larger sums, in which case, some Membership levels can assure them their money will be used effectively. That is also true, for you… see next several options.

‘Life’ Membership: $150, no renewals required. Note: this is not an ongoing offer and will at some point either be increased in price or discontinued. It has already been increased twice. It’s purpose is to infuse capital more quickly into our initial funding. NOTE: there is a special reduced lifetime fee of $100, and an option to upgrade an existing regular Membership for $70, tied to a new full Scholarship program for Members offered by The College of Metaphysical Studies, a Christ-based accredited correspondence institution. See details below in our Sponsor section on their offer. To apply, you will want to be a lifetime Society Member, as well.

Advisory Board Membership: $5,000, or $1,000 a year for five years, includes lifetime membership. Not renewable, but there are ways a prior Advisor can be invited to become one, again, with no fee requirement. Provides a seat on the Advisory Board and full access to all internal dialogs otherwise private, even beyond the passworded pages. Allows advisory votes on decision making, very useful if wishing to have a voice in how money is spent. Votes are advisory in nature, only, and Advisory Board Members may be voted off the Board by remaining Board Members at any time if their actions in or out of the Board prove contrary to the wellbeing of the Society and its mission.

Current Sponsors and Their Support: Below find ticklers with links regarding our Sponsors and special offers which save Members money while also helping to fund the Society. Some have directly supported the society with donations and other forms of help. Our latest sponsor is for a new Tiny Home Concept, and is associated with Elon Musk. If you wish to follow up with the Boxabl offer, please simply call the Society, first (360 268 7090), to make certain you understand the situation… buying a tiny home isn’t quite like ordering a security camera. Also, if you would like a college degree, there is a remarkable offer in the works from TCOM even more exciting than their current offer, shown below: fully-paid scholarships! Not all Members might qualify, however, so watch for details or again, call.

Our Sponsors

The Society seeks sponsors able to support the Society financially and/or with material support, which may include any form of mutually advantageous promotion.  Early sponsors will be in an excellent position to become part of an enhanced sponsorship opportunity through a reality TV project planned to be a part of our Free Will Haven project (an intentional community for stalking victims), once we have a site in operation. To that end, we especially welcome our latest Sponsor, Boxabl, who has established a program through the Society for home reservations. Available to Lifetime Members, only. Lifetime Members should contact the Society for details on how to proceed.


Boxabl ‘folding’ homes are a remarkable buy, and ideal for Free Will Haven plans. Prices vary on options elected.

Learn more about the TCOM Sponsoring Partnership program for Society Members only (PW required). The above offer remains available to all Society Members. Lifetime Members may apply for a fully paid tuition scholarship program worth many thousands of dollars. Use the link shown for details.

Lambs Sponsoring Partnership: copy URL or click image:


Note: If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal is also a de facto financial contributor to the Society. If you do not have a PayPal account, email Mr. Sweeney and the Society will send you 1¢ via PayPal to your email addy. PayPal will notify you with a link to collect the money and set up your account. Once you do that, you can then order your Lamb’s product or do any other PayPal Business. PayPal will then send $10 to the Society for your having created your account with them: win, win, win! NEW: If you elect a T-COM degree program, or are already enrolled as a student, you can apply for a PayPal credit card which currently offers special deals through Apple Computer for iPads, Laptops, and iMacs through their Educational Pricing program, with EXTRA rewards for using the PayPal card.

Volunteer Service and Item Donation Needs:

iur-1.jpegThe intention of the Society is not just to provide a safe place to live affordably for those who qualify under our mission statement, but to help to heal their wounds and provide an actual ‘normalcy’ in quality of life. Hopefully, we can prepare them for reentry into that normal life outside of the Society’s help, if that is their wish. To do this, and especially true in the beginning stages of the Free Will Haven project, we have a need for volunteer experts in various fields, and a wide variety of needs for item donations, to include real estate. If interested in pursuing any such opportunity to volunteer or donate, please email a letter of inquiry to freewillsociety at protonmail (com).

Volunteers: Early in the project, volunteer needs will be minimal, such that a monthly visitation for a day or perhaps a weekend (room and board provided) would suffice. Some needs, in time, may evolve to require ongoing residency as staff. In that respect, such positions may be thought of as a kind of part-time internship opportunity. As a professional, such donations of time and services can be billed at no charge as tax-deductible donations.

Such volunteer help will be needed in the following areas, though at this time, the geographic location is yet to be ascertained. We are primarily looking for developed sites (and real estate) in Northeast Texas, East Oklahomah, All of Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and the Northern border area of the Florida Pan Handle. Other sites can be considered, if meeting our needs as outlined. As result, initial volunteers should state how far they might be willing to travel for both a single initial ‘consultation’ and/or ongoing visitations. In like manner, if able to donate hard items (list below), please indicate the ‘ship from’ location and if willing to cover the cost of shipping, or not.

Volunteer skills needed:

  • Building Contractors in key disciplines familiar w local codes & safety standards;
  • Advisors in farming and livestock, and fish & game management;
  • Experts in solar and wind power system design and installation;
  • Experts in tiny home design and construction methods;
  • Soil and Ecology experts, Surveyors, Arborists, and earth moving service providers;
  • Health Care specialists such as a General Practitioner, Dentist, or Nurse, Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Holistic Practitioner, Acupuncturist, etc.;
  • Motorhome/RV maintenance professionals able to work on older units;
  • A Christian church leader for simple Sunday services and Bible classes. Needs for other faiths may evolve in time;
  • A Psychologist for monthly group therapy sessions and potentially individual consultations;

Donated Item needs:

  • Improved real estate meeting our needs of 15 or more acres in size, or other donations. Any property not meeting our needs, which can be sold for funding;
  • Fully serviceable used motorhomes, RVs, mid-sized or small buses, and camping trailers, and one fifth wheel equipped pickup truck, preferably pre 1970 (see next);
  • Vintage restored trucks and cars circa 1949~1969 in collector condition*;
  • Good serviceable ATV/UTVs, off-road motor bikes, trail bikes, fat-tire electric bikes (esp. Radburrow & any of their cargo options), flatbed/box/enclosed trailers of any size, a small horse/cattle trailer, portable (towable) RV waste tank of larger capacity;
  • Tractor system with implement/attachments and PTO for farming and related work, and/or specialized equipment for ditches, post holes, stump removal, plowing, bulldozing, etc.;
  • Power equipment such as chainsaws, tablesaws, wood/metal lathes, drill presses, welders, portable lumber mills, welders, and general tool sets/chests;
  • Solar/Wind power components, portable generators of all sizes, larger above ground swimming pool, sauna, in-ground heat pumps systems, small portable window air conditioners, freestanding room air conditioners, air purifiers, heaters, large capacity water storage and purification systems, septic tanks;
  • New or scrap building materials/supplies of any type, gravel/paving materials, fencing, deck, and storage shed kits, tiny homes (kit or prebuilt), insulated Yurts, and treated power/light poles;
  • Electronics: commercial grade wide-area ethernet intranet/web server components/system, high bandwidth satellite dish for TV/Web access, short wave gear and mast, all-band scanners, professional walkie-talkies in quantity, TSCM equipment, professional wired and wireless security camera systems, home security systems to protect against fire/unauthorized entry (w non monitored alarms), monitored health monitor/emergency help systems, commercial quality camera equipped drones;
  • Professional video cameras and editing systems and software (4K capable, preferred), exterior and interior lighting kits, professional digital still cameras, mass data storage system for same.

* Older vehicles are important emotionally and psychologically, as many of the worst stalking victims and homeless veterans are elderly; these vehicles and the absence of newer ones on site will take them back in time to safer and fonder memories. Most such vehicles can be had for about the same money or even less than a new vehicle of like kind, and can offer the same level of serviceability, if not improved due their simpler mechanical and electrical designs. A 1953 stake-side truck or 1963 Buick Riviera, for instance, fully restored and updated in engine, brakes, and suspension, might cost half as much as a new pickup truck or Buick Lacross.

Financial Donations and Sponsorship Programs

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 4.44.46 PM.pngFlexible means: Small donation programs are described further, below. Large humanitarian donations may be made by check payable to the Free Will Society (PO 288, Westport, WA 98595) AFTER first contacting the Society in advance, to insure you get proper tax credits.

Alternatively, by mutual terms of agreement, they may also be in the form of lines of credit through a bank, or in some cases, with the corporate sponsor’s firm for goods and/or services useful to the Society (see donated items list, above, for examples). All offers for letters of credit, or donations of real estate or hard assets as described, should be proposed by email to freewillsociety at protonmail (com).

Kinds of help needed make for many opportunities: The Free Will Society has several corporate and private sponsorship programs available. In addition to the touching humanitarian values they represent, they can also offer advertising and PR opportunities to corporate sponsors, as well as tax advantages to any and all supporters. And while the Society itself has an ongoing need for financial support of its projects, there are also opportunities to help specific financially challenged individuals in need of help in becoming residents of our Free Will Haven hospice project.

The most deserving and truly in-need-of-rescue stalking victims who seek residency at Free Will Haven are almost always financially disadvantaged. Most stalking victims have had their incomes destroyed as result of their stalking, many are even homeless as result. That is certainly true of the homeless veterans we also seek to serve, whom we appreciate not just for their service, but because they can establish very useful symbiotic relationships with resident stalking victims. For all but a few would-be residents of any kind, the cost of relocation and having to purchase an RVmotor home or construct a tiny home is more than daunting; it is an impossibility… even if simply a low-cost used unit or a home built of scrap materials.

In the beginning, the Society is hard pressed to provide such aid, pending superlative funding levels; your support would therefore be especially valuable. The Society has a means of evaluating victim needs and establishing a priority needs queue. Those wishing to help a victim can ask for and receive a generic profile of the victim’s circumstances, with their full identity veiled for their security. Where both parties agree, it is possible to establish contact at a human level, likely quite valuable to both, emotionally. Mr. Sweeney has fond memories of helping children in India and Vietnam to better their lot in life, eventually resulting in participation in a Foster program for a war refugee.

Private Donation Options

Note: persons making donations who happen to be a stalking victim who has not already contacted H. Michael Sweeney should do so, and request the free Helps Kit. Request by email to It is not wise to put commentary relating to any such stalking in the comment section of the donation process, unless very generic in nature.

The following levels of donation support offer specific advantages and dedicated uses, which give the private party supporter a concrete knowledge as to how their contribution will be used. The donor may select the program which best targets their preferred purposing, provided it is at the minimum sum indicated. SELECTION IS BY SO NOTING BY YOUR COMMENTARY, and if nothing is noted, the funds will accrue to our primary goal of establishing the Free Will Haven Intentional Community. Donations less than any cited figures shown for a given option will also accrue to the FWH project. Gofundme donations of $100 or more, there, also provide first year’s renewable Membership, a $25 value. At $250 and above, they include the Lifetime Membership, a $125 value.

Just Friends: any donation amount, to be used for the Society’s FWH project; the default level if you do not specify some other level.

Friends of Imagination: any donation amount, to be used by our Technical Guru Tim Rappleano, who is working on several high-tech security solutions for the more serious forms of stalking which involve electronic targeting methods. This covers things like Web and communications security to Technical Security CounterMeasures (TSCM). It is state-of-the-art in nature, but thus far, it is like trying “to construct a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins” (Spock; Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever). If successful, it will bridge the gap between what it costs today to address such terms and what stalking victims can afford… between what technical skill levels are needed to deploy such defenses and the novice level of the typical victim… and between the level of documentation needed to prove criminal behaviors and that currently possible without such tools.

Friends of Free Will: a recurring monthly contribution of $25 or more. Money will be used for the FWH project. One year’s renewable Membership is included, automatically renewed without additional cost for as long as the contribution remains in effect. At this time, it must be arranged through your bank’s autopay services. Ask for the needed details at freewillsociety at protonmail (com).

Friends of the Society: $1K or more to be used as the Society best sees fit, according to needs, which vary over time and according to fluid circumstances. Includes Lifetime Membership into the society with no annual renewal.

Friends of Free Will Haven: $2.5K or more to fund establishment and/or ongoing operational expenses for the intentional community, itself. Also includes Lifetime Membership with no annual renewal, and a seat on the Advisory Board. See Advisory Membership, high above.

Friends of Residents: $5K or more to establish funds for would-be resident(s) to help them afford relocation and establishing themselves at Free Will Haven, or in some cases to help with their living expenses for a time. Each $5~10K funded will be made available to a different recipient, the contributor able to dictate if their name and contact information should be passed to the recipient, or not; they would undoubtedly like to thank the donor personally. Also includes Life Membership and an Advisory Board position (see high above). After Free Will Haven is open, should no applicant qualify within the fiscal year, the money would be used as the Society sees fit. Qualification is a simple matter of demonstrable need.

International Friends: $1K or more to be made available to help establish or maintain sister chapters of the Free Will Society in another country. Donors may specify a country or region. Also includes Life Membership with no annual renewal. $5K or more results in Advisory Board position (see high above) in the foreign chapter, where possible, or the U.S. parent Society, where not possible. See our program on such chapters for more information.

Corporate Sponsor/Parter Programs

iur-2.jpegBecause the Society intends to establish a Reality TV show based on the Free Will Haven concept, there are many advertising and PR opportunities which can become part and parcel of any corporate participation plan cited, below. Such promotional considerations could significantly impact the value of corporate sponsorship in unexpected ways, dependent upon the creativity and flexibility of the means of implementation, a matter of cooperative brainstorming between the Society and corporate PR executives.

This is especially true if the company’s chief product or service meshes with the day-to-day lifestyle or topical circumstances involved at Free Will Haven. The above cited donation needs would be an excellent place to start looking for such a fit (i.e., we need a tiny homes, which means anyone in that industry would be a good fit). Please email Founder H. Michael Sweeney at to explore such opportunities further. Naturally, a corporate sponsor may also elect any of the above private party programs, if non of the following corporate options meet their needs.

The following programs include the option to place a corporate representative on our Board of Advisors in either a voting or non voting role, as specified. This enables the firm to have a means of participating in any dialogs impacting on how their money is spent (where such money is involved), and potentially, to actually have a direct voice in the form of a decision vote, as opposed to merely advising. We see such voice as a valuable form of professional marketing advice. All Society promotional venues will subsequently cite the Sponsorship for as long as it remains current.

Corporate program options:

Society Partner: an initial $10K or more line of credit with the sponsor for their products or services, or donation of like sum, with an ongoing commitment for half the sum per year, thereafter, for as long as the sponsor desires sponsorship.

Resident Sponsor: an initial $15K sponsorship of a would-be resident, with an additional $5K per year cost of living allowance for as long as the sponsor desires sponsorship. This will be used specifically for the worst case scenario for would-be residents who have no other income stream (i.e., homeless persons). Multiples of the sums would serve multiple residents. Where no such resident is available within the fiscal quarter, it would used to reduce the cost of living of all residents for the year. In any event, the resident (or some other resident) associated with the Reality TV project would be designated to represent the Sponsor in some useful manner much in the way NASCAR drivers always manage to mention good things about their sponsors on camera.

Project Sponsor: $100K or more in funds or a Bank line of credit to fund either property acquisition for one or more Free Will Haven locations in America or abroad, property development/improvement for our unique needs, or to better fund our reality TV project.  This is the ideal level for joint-promotional considerations tied to the reality project. The Sponsor may suggest and negotiate for whatever form of participation they deem most useful. This would be ideal for, say, a TV production or distribution firm.

The Society is also open to consider proposals for any ad-hoc corporate sponsor programs which may better fit the needs of the corporation. Where tied to the reality project, creativity enables greater flexibility. All inquiries remain confidential, shared only with our Members in generic form, and with our Advisory Board in specifics.