History of Site Selection

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From the beginning, to today

Updated Jun 16 2018… news about a possible 7-figure funding opportunity, tagged with RED text, below. It is now Jul 31 and that possibility seems to be fading, but a new and very interesting low-cost site has been found that costs about a third the price of many homes in the city. Information on that, is appended to the update. Additionally, a description of how sites are evaluated is provided; look for Site selection process.

***Also, to keep up with future sites and evolving opportunities which may be under consideration, and to participate in dialogs which determine final options… JOIN the Society and gain access to private pages where the real work is being done.

The purpose of this page is to show what kinds of sites the Society has been and is currently looking at, and what makes them ideal for our purposes: to provide a low-cost, targeting-free, self-sustaining intentional community for stalking victims and other persons trying to escape RF energy fields. It will also highlight various issues we must face in the process of seeking our goal. Nothing shown here, is a serious candidate, but exemplary, non-the-less. Even were it perfect, by the time you have seen it, it has likely already been sold.

Until we actually have cash in hand to purchase a site, no serious search can be undertaken. But we have had actual experience with working sites we have occupied, and our ongoing search has proven to be a valuable research and educational tool, and it has been enlightening, and should prove equally interesting to readers. If the cash was available today, there are at least a half dozen extremely good candidates of the quality as shown towards the bottom. This page will educate the reader as to the history and the lessons learned.

The Society’s focus, of course, is multifaceted; expense, security aspects, nearness to civilization while yet remaining deeply rural, capacity for supporting a full community, existing useful facilities, water/power/sewer considerations, and lack of restrictions in use, are all important factors. Additionally, it is desirable that a property support an agricultural and livestock program, perhaps have access to convenient hunting/fishing and recreation. The nature of the local weather, and a number of issues relating to neighboring properties must be considered, as part of assurances of offering a safe, secure, and healthful life style.


Beta site

Early in the formation of the Society (i.e., just two persons, one in Texas, one in Oregon), an effort was made to establish such a community. It proved to be a comedy of errors, but was a great learning process which, happily, proved the concept valid. Briefly, a train trip to Texas, interrupted by a collision with a truck (injury free, thankfully), and a very troubled U-haul trip to Idaho where a property had been selected by Ascension Arts, a firm owned by the gal in Texas, who was going to use her own money to buy some land. The site selected had ‘two house trailers’ on it, we understood.

Upon arrival, however, it turned out the trailers were just small camper ‘shell’s, no doors or windows in place, rotted out, and occupied by vermin. That clearly would not do. After some wrangling of events by both parties and relatives, a second site was made available which had a barn, a decent home, a mobile home, and rather a lot of junk on the property, including a tractor trailer’s trailer. I had returned to Portland to prepare my journey to the site, and acquired a motor home… but in the end, I could not get onto the property with my rig because of dimensional issues, and a gate I could not get through. I returned to Portland.

The arrangement fell through in time, anyway (problems with he Uncle, who had been kind and generous), and so, the gal from Texas wound up bouncing around to anywhere she could manage to land based on minimal financial arrangements… and without good attention to the security desired in a site. This indeed proved unsatisfactory, resulting in resumption of targeting, but she at least now had possession of an Airstream, all metal construction, and a good insulator against RF energy concerns.

However, the search for a better site had been underway continuously, more or less, since first seeing those rotted out trailers, and a much better and quite remote site was selected in the mountains of N.E. Oregon, and Ascension Arts made arrangements. With some additional financial help from the Free Will Society, now growing in membership size, the site was occupied by the gal from Texas and one other person she had invited to participate.

Meanwhile, separately, I was given access to a private plot in Central Oregon for my motor home with full hookups. All three of us were to enjoy a targeting free experience, well over 1,000 person-days worth, before the test was ended. Below are images of the site(s) selected by Ascension Arts, who had been given a very valuable Airstream trailer to live in as a parting gift from her relative.

safe_image.php  Beta

Above: Ascension Arts in N. Idaho, and later, N.E. Oregon (about 1 Acre). Below: Author H. Michael Sweeney’s site in Central Oregon (on about 5 Acres).


Neither of these two sites were absolutely ideal. Given enough time, stalkers could easily acquire or gain access to adjacent properties to resume targeting, at least in theory. However, unlike city locations where a perpetrator can have an almost endless array of locations to select for such purposes, both of our sites, being deeply rural, offered only 2 possible locations, severely limiting the chances of compromise. The perfect Free Will Haven site will have none, whatsoever; total privacy guaranteed.

Unfortunately, neither of the above two sites were to last. Ascension Arts, wanting to be in complete control, was allowed (her money, after all)… and she parted ways with the Society. Subsequently, she ran afoul of her purchase agreement and wound up in eviction. In somewhat similar manner, my hosts were divorcing and selling their property, which meant I was also no longer able to stay where I was, either. Therefore, all parties were looking for a new home.


Post Beta; the ‘first’ site seriously considered.

In the Spring of 2017 the Free Will Society itself began looking in earnest for a site it might be able to more easily afford and control. The big problem, other than cost factors, is that most land is encumbered with local land use restrictions and ‘code’ policies which limit how and what you do with the land, typically imposed by multiple agencies at County, State, and perhaps even Federal level. This can be anything from limiting how many people can live on site, to what they may live in, to how it is constructed in detail, to where and how you get and use water on site, and more; Red Tape generally based on liberal politics designed to give more power and revenueto government.

A site was located in Washington State where restrictions had already been dealt with, or were non existent, and the site had already been developed to accommodate six RV units.  Six was the minimum residency goal for Free Will Haven. And, it was very inexpensive. Though in a northern part of the State near the Canadian border, it was in a sheltered valley that did not experience harsh winters. Reviewed, here, it will highlight the factors considered in the evaluation process for any site.

The selection process, once a property is found which seems to meet basic requirements, includes numerous ‘checklist’ items which determine actual fitness for the purpose. No site is considered unless it passes all these tests:

  1. Is it within 30 minutes or so of a community large enough to support a Walmart Supercenter (which means it has a LOT of shopping alternatives, entertainment, and medical services, etc.)?
  2. Is it too close to a community such that code restrictions may apply now or in the future if city limits encompass?
  3. What would it be like in an emergency to get there in a deep snow situation?
  4. What is the general temperature range like for the area, seeking to be equal to or better than the national averages?
  5. Google Earth, with 3-D terrain feature on is used to ‘drive the roads’ surrounding the property, where possible, to understand what can be seen of the property’s interior from the road.
  6. GE is also used to ‘stand’ within and traverse the property to see what nearby hills or other points might afford line-of-sight to the interior. Neighbor properties are evaluated as possible future threat positions, based on line-of-sight.
  7. GE is also used to locate any nearby cell phone or communications towers with line of sight, or determine if power sub-stations or high-voltage power lines traverse nearby (EMF threat).
  8. The GE flight simulator is used to fly over the property in additional evaluation of such issues.
  9. GE is also useful to look for nearby government installations, or corporate entities which might be objectionable to some residents. This includes things which might be ‘smelly’ or ‘noisy.’ Wind turbines, queries, chicken/pig/cattle facilities, etc.
  10. Is the land tillable and/or offer hunting or fishing on site?
  11. Consideration includes natural disaster threats (flood planes, wind storms, sink holes, wildfires, etc.) This is a matter of historical records, mostly (Web search). Wildfire evaluation is a matter of the volume/density of surrounding tree cover, the kinds of land use (i.e., a lot of people in the woods, or not, which can increase the likelihood of man-made fires), and the existence of man-made or natural fire breaks, as well as avenues of evacuation if threatened.
  12. Are there bonus features and does the site have appeal which makes it quite livable? That, of course, is largely subjective.

We start with access road images. It is located in a long, slender valley-like area, largely level area dotted with disparate farms and pastures. Note the tall, dense pines of the area. The actual Google Earth ground view images does not replicate their height, squashing them flat to the ground in dark masses. The scenery is very pleasant, especially in Winter with snow, and in the colors of Fall, as there are also a lot of deciduous trees. No neighbor or road traveler can even see this location for the trees, not even those hinted at in the video’s distant scenes of higher ground. There is zero line-of-sight opportunity for surveillance or targeting! It’s exactly as was true in the successful beta site, which was amid dense trees such as seen here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.00.27 PM  Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.01.44 PM

Typical of the excellent road to town some 20 minutes away. The drive entrance runs about 150′ and then angles off privately for about two blocks to property

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 4.23.53 PM.png

Guesstimated property line

The property is bordered by power lines. However, these should not create an EMF/RF issue for anyone who is hyper-electrosensitive. Such energy falls off at the square of the distance. The voltage in those lines, though several orders of magnitude greater than power lines in front of your home, produce the same EMF/RF at the increased distance between lines and our property line as do the much closer power poles in front of a typical home. Sensitive persons can locate well away, if they wish, up to 400′ further, reducing levels to below that of a city home. The nearest Cell Tower is at least a mile away, with no line of sight.

The developed area is completely fenced except for a buffering parking area. It runs along the entire left side open to the power line channel, which makes an excellent fire lane in case of forest fire (the highway and some open areas exist in all three remaining directions for like value, as well). It then skirts the trees at an angle to the lowest point in the open area, just shy of where the driveway would intersect if it continued straight. From there, it runs parallel and adjacent to the left side of the drive to the upper property line, and then back to the power line right of way. There are several gates, including one for vehicles. The remaining open area right of the driveway is for parking of vehicles; we could have lots of guests for seminars, esp. since most RVs can sleep four persons. Six of us could host up to 18 guests without forcing tent camping. Much more if doing both. I would like to add a security gate near the road entrance.

The open area can handle more RVs than six, but more hookups would be needed if for other than guest visits. By clearing more land, even more could potentially be added. Though rather small at 3 acres, it is strategically placed for extreme privacy/security, with geographic features affording 40 acres of isolation. All overlooking hills are State timberland; no threat there. Two adjacent parcels could be purchased later, each larger then 3 acres. The nearest neighbors are close enough for walking (a long walk) in an emergency, but separated by so many trees that there is zero targeting opportunity, PERIOD. The location is overall located within a popular recreational area featuring almost any summer or wintertime activity, including excellent hunting and fishing.

The site is some 20 minutes by paved road to robust local shopping, medical, church, and schooling, and 1.5 hours from a major city with international airport. The site already has access to TV, Web, and Phone.

NOTE: we will allow NO ROUTERS capable of wifi in the community, so plan on having your own ISP bill or sharing a community computer directly connected by Ethernet cable to my system. No resident will be allowed to have a Cell Phone on site, as it can be weaponized remotely. I propose a single land line for community use. Don’t get rid of phones, however, as you may use them once leaving the area, maintaining a storage system for them.

WEATHER is temperate because of low altitude and from sheltering by close-in hills. Average yearly high is 88°F, low at 23°F. Night time highs are cool, however, so budget for about $150 a month in total winter-time electricity if heating with electric, $100 elsewise. Average snow fall maximum is 14-18 inches over a two month period, but roads are level and straight, quite passable, and plowed after heavy snowfalls. Each resident is urged to have a three month emergency food and water reserve, anyway, for general disaster preparedness.


Second example site

More recently (April, 2018), I discovered that there are numerous excellent sites at extremely good pricing available in the State of Missouri. The State tends not to be overly encumbered with land use restrictions, and good sites are constantly coming on the market due to local depressed economies. One exampled site is covered in a recent ATN World New Network video interview with me. tis  It is only one of dozens of locations I have similarly dissected as possible candidates; any one of them would be a wonderful opportunity. Whereas the first site was small and extremely low in cost ($50K), Missouri offers very large and well developed properties for a fraction of the price of a home, alone, in the city. One even features what might be called a ‘motel,’ one remotely located to cater to hunters as a base of operations. No further review will be offered, here.

Two things are true about such sites: 1) they prove there are good practical sites and deals to be had within financial striking range, and 2) we will end up in a much better position, more able and likely to close when the next one comes along, if we have money in hand. If there is anything elses we should all have learned from our bumps along the way, doing nothing leaves us as weak tomorrow as we were before we started.

Good news!

Things are happening in the background, such that there is a real possibility of accessing an extremely well prepared site of this sort is within reach. Efforts are underway to negotiate a deal which will result in 7 figure funding (more than a million dollars) towards establishing a superlative and perfect Free Will haven. To learn more, however, you would need to be a member, and that would allow you to access the Member Only pages, which are password protected.

All we need to is ILLUSTRATE GOOD FAITH and VIABILITY by increasing our membership levels and our self-funding… to show we are serious as stakeholders in our own future. Think about it… why would anyone risk perhaps a couple of $million$ investment if we can’t demonstrate solidarity and sincerity? Given that there are some 300,000 facebook Group members which relate to stalking issues, even considering that many of them are the same people joining multiple groups… there is no reason we should not be able to evangelize and have a membership of a hundred or more. Likewise for our gofundme. Why we do not have at least $10,000 by now, I cannot fathom.

Use the evangelism tool, and personally talk to people and argue them into joining, and contributing, even if just $5.



Example: I have chosen for illustration a location does not meet the site security requirements but which is otherwise exemplary of sites which do. The Society will not publicly disclose actual sites under consideration as a security move. At this site’s low relative cost, and with a financial war chest to fund improvements, and to help finance residents who do not have the funds to purchase an RV and relocate, or perhaps even to cover monthly living expenses… it could become a true retreat and hospice, both long and short term… a real chance at a normal life, again, for dozens of people at a time.


From Real Estaste Listing: “Hidden at the end of a County Road and accessed via deeded easement on a private drive, this custom compound offers the owners privacy and seclusion. As a labor of love since 2009 the owners have given special consideration to nearly every aspect of this property. Feel yourself begin to relax as the wooded drive winds along the hill and opens up to a well groomed 30 acre home site.” 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths. 5,800 sq. ft., plus 3 outbuildings. Hunting and fishing right on the property. There is a 2 mile private drive right of way.

9939476-5 9939476-21 9939476-20

The reason this property is not ‘perfect,’ is that it sits atop a hill with one side exposed to other nearby properties, loosing any real or perceived privacy and freedom from line-of-sight worries. Keep in mind that sites as nice as this allow the ‘home’ to be transformed into a centralized services facility for those things which someone living in a tiny home or RV may not have room for, such as full kitchen, large pantry/freezer capacity for 90 day supply, laundry facilities, bathroom, exercise equipment, and general storage.

Additionally, with that many bedrooms, it can serve as a kind of ‘hotel’ for family visitors, prospective residents, or persons attending seminars in the meeting room or an outdoor pavilion, and to provide reserve sleeping space in emergency situations (i.e., heater failure in an RV). This particular home is capable of hosting 9 single beds and 2 doubles, and if needed, a dozen cots in non bedroom rooms.

This is the ultimate goal of Free Will Haven… not to simply be a place to live without targeting, but a place to teach victims how not to be victimized by stalking and other targeting methods, all the while being very self sufficient, and yet within minutes of shopping and central services, including emergency services and health care. But it will never happen unless YOU help by joining the Society, contributing to the fund, and genuinely seeking to get others to do the same.

JULY 30: Currently, 31 sites are being tracked as possible locations for FWH. Most properties looked at have a hard time meeting all goals, forcing compromises. Prices and features can be all over the board, but all meet minimum requirements for at least our original goals. Those lesser sites represent about half the number, but are starting to be replaced by similar sites meeting all goals at the same pricing. Therefore, once a given war chest dollar sum is established for which there is a property available, we can begin the process to seeking acquisition.

But there is a difference between goals (critical needs), and features (added value). The more costly sites, even, often fail to address every desired feature. By and large, with the possibility of the funding cited, above, I’ve been looking at properties as high as $2.5M. But once in a while, a property comes along at a tenth of that number, or there about, which in some ways outshines the high cost option in terms of the number of needs and desires met. Still, there are compromises… always. Just five minutes before this update, for example…

a site was located with superlative privacy and security, with several individual tiny homes already in place, several places for RV hookups, a professional kitchen,  and dinning hall, an entertainment stage, mens and women’s restrooms and showers, a workshop, and other facilities. It is all on an extremely large plot of deeply rural land, yet only 15 minutes or so away from key city resources for shopping or healthcare. Heavily wooded, it even has fire lanes in place.

One reason it is for sale so inexpensively, is that none of the buildings are finished off on their interiors… just wood. While that is a ‘downer’ for potential buyers, it is an opportunity and bonus for FWH residents, giving them the opportunity to paint, carpet, or finish however they wish. And, some of the tiny homes are all metal… and virtually every building’s roof is metal, a bonus for hyper-electrosensitive individuals or persons fearing Radio wave targeting.

There is another update of late which dovetails nicely with this find; the intention, ideally, to also cater to homeless veterans. Where a property such as this is large enough (typically 100 acres or more… some sites are as large as 600 acres), Veterans could be separately housed in tiny homes/RVs well away from stalking victims who might not feel comfortable around persons who were not also victims. Yet their presence provides an interesting opportunity to establish a symbiotic relationship.

Many residents for FWH will be older, or women with little or no mechanical skill sets, but who are rich with gardening and creative skill sets. Most Veterans are rich with mechanical, but may lacking in gardening and creative skill sets. Both can benefit with each other. Vets can build tiny homes, and the other residents and grow food. The times where they mix to exchange these fruits of labor, should prove therapeutic and emotionally satisfying, to both, and help reduce the everyone’s cost of living. This new site has more than enough room to accommodate both groups.

YOU are what you have been waiting for, and RIGHT NOW is the time… and that time is running out. Delay could end up seeing investors walk away because ‘we were not serious enough to even try to help ourselves.’ So it is up to you, really, and NO ONE ELSE.


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