The Free Will Society Mission Statement

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The Free Will Society mission is to aid stalking victims (primarily), but also, persons who are hyper-electrosensitive, homeless veterans, and others, in a symbiotic relationship. Victims of stalking can often be so battered and tortured emotionally and/or physically that they can no longer cope with life in society at large, and yet not feel safe even in their own home. Founder H. Michael Sweeney, a privacy/security consultant and author of several books relating to topic has worked with more than 12,000 victims over several decades, and can categorically state that all the laws and actions of law enforcement have consistently proven woefully inadequate in terms of protection, which for many, leads to intense long-term distress. No government agency or charitable NGO has to date offered solutions which fill this desperate need for either protection or relief and healing.

Our mission also hopes to extend to homeless veterans in a symbiotic relationship, becoming a source of security manpower… and to victims of electro-hypersensitivity, the symptoms of which strongly resemble some neuropathies. Mr. Sweeney is such a person. Many stalking victims subjected to electronic harassments become hypersensitive in time, and some symptoms of such targeting can arise from natural hypersensitivity. Either way, our Free Will Haven project offers relief through a significant reduction in troublesome ambient RF/EMF signals. Such persons tend to evolve into victims of this physical health malady, a kind of neuropathy. Mr. Sweeney is such a person.

While there are multiple inter-related projects under development, the primary centrally supporting project is Free Will Haven, described below; a low-cost private and secure living facility with two different areas to allow victims to live separate of the other residents, and yet afford a symbiotic working relationship between the two basic groups.

FBI reports 12 million stalking cases in 2019 (up from 7.5 million, 2016), noting that half of stalking goes unreported. Cases are increasing a rate 25 times faster than population growth. The Center for Disease Control has studied the phenomenon as a social mental disease. Roughly 76% of femicides were found to have involved stalking, half of them previously unreported. Roughly 3 women a day, every day, are murdered this way. IF YOU KNOW SIX WOMEN AND TEN MEN, you likely know one male and one female stalking victim, neither likely to wish to talk about it. If you know twice that number, one of them is likely severely impacted as result, and will perhaps seem wounded emotionally or physically in demeanor… and very anxious to avoid talking about it — unless you already have a great and strong relationship established.


If the image is scary, consider the Web site it came from, where we find personal testimony of the 26 scariest things stalkers have done. 12,000,000 living in fear? Don’t give in to fear; that just makes a deal with the devil that gives the stalker what they want (control). Regardless of if Police or lawyers can help, contact and join the Society, and get our free Helps Kit, and gain access to consulting from H. Michael Sweeney.

Help does often seem hopeless. Many agencies and resources which victims should be able to rely upon for help often end up making things worse. It is far easier for the Police to presume the victim is imagining things or exaggerating, than to provide protective surveillance and investigate any suspects (unless we are talking about romantic stalkers, where it is easier to get a restraining order).  That, and inadequate laws are largely why the above statistics show Police involvement does not protect victims.

Lawyers will often tell a victim they have a good basis for legal action, but after collecting a lot of fees, like Police, admit a lack of useful evidence, or legal roadblocks, unless, again, the stalker was a significant other. Unless the victim can also afford expensive private investigators and perhaps body guards, such comes to naught. Most victims do not have that kind of money. Charities can offer superficial and fleeting help, but primarily focus on spiritual and emotional support. While valuable, perhaps, they resolve nothing, and sometimes lead to unexpected vulnerabilities. Stalking continuing even in shelters is very common, for instance. 

Fear reigns unchecked. Imagine being so afraid of your stalker that you are unable to leave your home for fear of what will happen when you do; unable to work, shop, walk your dog, or do anything approximating Free Will. Worse, imagine being a single person at home afraid they will find a way to get in once again and do unspeakable things to your property or pets as psychological ‘calling cards…’ if not assault you directly. These are mere samples of the fearsome things victims must deal with daily… and nightly. Such as they are the people the Free Will Society seeks to aid; persons totally incapacitated in every meaning of the term, and denied God’s gift of Free Will.

Finally, a path to solution. It takes someone with a specialization in privacy and security to know what is needed, which is why Mr. Sweeney formed the Free Will Society. In fact, he himself was thrice a victim, and it was those experiences which led him to specialize in the first place. His victories were well and good thanks to a unique employment background and skill set the typical victim does not have. Even so, he credits his faith in Christ as his most powerful weapon. For other victims, the only remaining solution is fairly straightforward; get out of Dodge.


Get out of Dodge?

Stalking takes place in a social environment rooted in the constructs of civilization, where large numbers of people and structures (buildings) make it easy for stalkers to ply their trade while hidden in plain sight. It allows them to blend in and to torment unseen, or to be deliberately known to their victim, and yet not draw attention of witnesses. While there are a wide variety of stalking methods and levels of threat and harm which can be inflicted, the one commonality is that the worst stalkers are almost always sociopaths and/or psychopaths, extremely smart and clever. They operate surreptitiously and covertly, overt only with care to insure they can get away with it. It can certainly be deemed a form of mind control… certainly behavior control… and often actually employs weapons of political control technology to such end. Some forms include multiple stalker efforts known as Gang Stalking.

So, for the worst affected victims, we need a new solution.

They are those victims no longer able or willing to endure the fear and anguish, even physical suffering, and especially those driven to shrinking from social interactions and, often, literally cowering in their homes waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is no life, at all. No privacy due all manner of surveillance which may be in place, often quite real and sophisticated, sometimes merely suspected, as based on observable clues. No security in one’s person, home, or possessions, often sabotaged as part of a financial ruination which results in time. No hope.

The magic bullet. Take away the environment which enables the stalker to operate as if a ghost. Get rid of their hunter’s blind, ‘civilization.’ Better, do it in a way which significantly reduces the financial burden of survival. Best of all, do it in a way which restores not just privacy and security, but freedom to socialize once more, and have true freedom to express Free Will, and the pursuit of happiness.

That solution is called Free Will Haven, an intentional community made up of stalking victims; their own private civilization free from fear of stalking. A hospice or respite within which they can heal, and once healed, elect to remain or to relocate quietly undetected to start a new life free of old enemies. And, it can offer training against stalking methods, as Mr. Sweeney has written several books on the topic.

Project Free Will Haven: Mr. Sweeney will be seeking land for the Society to serve as a self-sufficient homestead for Free Will Haven. There is an immediate need to improve the property to make it habitable. Donations are sought, which will be also be used to establish centralized services, facilities, and equipment for common needs. The later would address items and services needed for taming the land for crops, maintenance equipment, construction of outbuildings, emergency power equipment, etc. In time, it is hoped the Society can also help fund relocation of stalking victims to Free Will Haven; many are destitute as result of financial harms caused by long-term stalking.

In addition to funding via membership fees, gofundme, and monies from the sale of books by Mr. Sweeney and other authors, there are investors in the side wings being courted towards major funding of a superlative facility. More on that will be made available as progress develops, and pending their approval to release information they deem somewhat proprietary. It has not only the potential to speed property acquisition, but to offer funding (not loans) to individual residents who could not otherwise afford to relocate.


All that is missing from this picture, is YOU!

Residents will generally be encouraged to arrive in RV vehicles which can provide short or long-term living space. They may optionally construct or install tiny homes or other kinds of homes, and then make their RVs available to newcomers who do not have such resources, or simply continue to live in their rigs. Cost of living should be well under $500 on average, roughly 1/3 the cost of living in ‘stalking central.’ About half of that would be the functional equivalent of ‘rent,’ their portion of site operational costs.

There would be two distinctly separate living areas, one for victims of stalking and hyper-electrosensitivity, and one for homeless veterans and preppers who wish to establish a long-term rural ‘outpost’ either as their own living space or as a go-to site in case of catastrophe. A symbiotic relationship would exist between the two sides, which would be separated in terms of privacy and security, but yet mutually supporting in multiple ways.

The Vet side would represent a project labor pool and serve as a security response team should the privacy or security of the victim side be penetrated by interlopers. Preppers additionally maintain emergency communications systems, such as Short Wave Radio, and have survival skills they can teach to all who apply. The victim side would be in a position to provide life-style support to the Vets and preppers through sharing of produce and cottage industry goods and services, and in some cases, the reverse might be true of preppers, who can share specialty items common to their more rustic life style.

To apply for residency, one must be a member of the Free Will Society. As of this writing, we have some 40 members eager to be residents, and roughly 25 more in the application process. More should follow, now that the program is open to Vets and Preppers, as well. However, anyone may join the society and participate in helping to shape its policies and projects… which in time, will go well beyond Free Will Haven.

Other Goals

Once Free Will Haven is established and ongoing, other projects are on the drawing board. An educational program based in a reality TV show about stalking victims has been proposed to Mr. Sweeney by Discovery Channel, who had asked him to be Host of the show. While that project did not come to fruition, the idea remains valid, and had already been considered. The creation of a mobile strike force of experts in privacy/security/surveillance/investigation who could covertly investigate active stalking cases, and document the stalking for possible legal response, has long been something Mr. Sweeney would love to see created. Free Will Haven would make the perfect base of operations for such a project. There are many such ideas that the Free Will Society might pursue.

The Society also enjoys sponsorship/partnerships to the benefit of Members. For instance, Members can save money on Lambs EMF/RF shielded clothing, and a donation is made to the Society with their purchase. NEW! The College of Metaphysical Studies is offering a number of interesting courses of value to many stalking victims as well as non victims… offering Members $250 off their Degree program deposit (25% savings), and matching that back to the Society, as well. They also appreciate that stalking victims have financial issues as result of their targeting, and offer special scholarships and flexible terms, as result. Use this link to learn more about either offer, and scan down to the large banner ads found, there. More sponsor programs will likely be added over time.

What can you do to help?

Donate to our funding efforts, of course, and educate yourself to better your defenses and those of people you care for. If you know six women or young ladies in your life whom you care about in a meaningful way, the odds are one of them has been or will be targeted. How could you NOT care enough to do something to help? We have a gofundme in place, and encourage you to visit the page, where more information is available.  Check out our Stalking Facts page, which by no means is exhaustive. Spread the word in social media by sharing this page. Spread it in the real world with conversation and evangelism. We have a special tool for that you can print out, a kind of poster with tear tabs for automated word spreading on bulletin boards. AND JOIN US: become a Member!

Donations that matter: Every donation is valued at our gofundme. A hundred $5 donations are more important than one $500 donation, but obviously, large donations have significant value. It is more people quietly but diligently spreading the word which gains more participants, than does fewer, but ‘louder,’ persons. That said, anyone willing to donate $100 or more would automatically be given Membership and then be able to access updates as the project progresses; we appreaciate that you have a vested interest in our efforts. This is the best way to follow the progress of the project, and provide input toward decisions that impact how your money is spent.

Donate $1,000 or more, and Membership is for life. $10,000 or more, and one will be entitled to sit on the Managing Board, which decides policy and direction matters more directly. Unlike the original beta effort, the goal is more open ended, and ongoing, this time around. We have a lot of work to do, and rather than a handful of pioneering residents, we will be looking to benefit hundreds of stalking victims over time, and even to replicate the site across the country, even internationally, to help untold thousands.