Now, Even Your Mail is a Stalker’s Weapon

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New USPS “Informed Delivery:” both threat & boon to your security

I just finished creating a post about the Postal Service’s new “Informed Delivery” service, which provides an image of every mail piece you are to get each day ahead of delivery. It is intended, they say, to help insure nothing is stolen or lost before you take delivery, and to watch for expected items of importance to your day’s activities. But it is also a personal privacy and security risk, and every Stalking victim or Targeted Individual needs to understand what it at stake, and what to do. Please read the article.


This issue is important not just for the security of the resident, individually, but to the general security of Free Will Haven, itself. Such registry will be required, in fact, as a step towards the actual relocation. Just why is spelled out, below. This post is to give an important heads up, and to urge you to take the steps (below) NOW, TODAY… even if you do not envision joining Free Will Haven, ever.

With respect to Free Will Haven, this is one threat which was troublesome, but not impossible to resolve. There are two principle concerns to residents. The first is that anyone, esp. stalkers, should know your new FWH address, at all. Most residents would rather ‘drop off the radar,’ so to speak, and with respect to relocation itself, steps will help insure it is usefully achieved, and there are solutions which should address the need… though it would be unwise to make them public, here.

Still, all that was envisioned before knowledge of the advent of Informed Delivery, which adds one extra level of complexity to the greater issues. The solution to that is contained at the end of the blog post linked at the introduction, above; register yourself, right away. If you find someone else has registered already, contact me personally (freewillsociety at protonmail com) for advice in how to best resolve that with the USPS, and better your general tactical position in your battles, at large.

Actually, anyone a Member of Free Will Society is better off with the service, unless able to somehow simply stop taking mail, altogether. Many of the thousands of stalking targeting survivors (victims who refuse to be victimized without a fight) I’ve worked with have commonly reported stolen mail. There are only two places it can be stolen: your mailbox awaiting local pickup (don’t do that, take it to a bigger mail drop off point), and your mailbox upon delivery — which the new service WILL at least PROVE, should it happen. The USPS normally has no means of such proof, and that denies the victim of theft any recourse when trying to prove being targeted routinely. Informed Delivery is, despite its inherent risks as cited in the linked blog, a boon to victims of mail theft.


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